Legs Gallery 147 – The Sam Bea Edition w/ The Ass Haulers

Legs Gallery 146 by Sam Bea (1)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by Sam Bea

We love finding new and exciting things, even if it just new for us. Found a great photographer from Varese, Italy and a great modern rockabilly band out of Kentucky to finish off the gallery.

We are always pleased to introduce a new photographer that has graciously aloud us to use and showcase their work. Sam Bea bills himself as an amateur photographer but we disagree. When you see as many pictures of legs as we do, and you stumble across a photographer that reinvents the theme, he is not an amateur in our eyes.

We think Sam has found his calling and hope he will keep the passion alive. Truly stunning work.

Enjoy today’s gallery to a band we came across that really has us stomping our feet and moving our legs all day. Out of Kentucky this modern Rockabilly band delivers some ass kickin’ sounds. Here are the Ass Haulers with “The Daddy.”


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Italian Pin Up Girl Debbie Mit Cake

Debbie Mit Cake by Sergio Spanu 5by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by  Nearco Giberti, Roberto Girardi, Bostjan Tacol, Sergio Spanu,

On my last trip to Turin, Italy I bought a wonderful stone mortar and pestle at a market, along with some beautiful unfiltered olive oil. Had I know about the Cake I would have stayed much longer. I am referring of course  to Pin Up Girl and Burlesque dancer Debbie Mit Cake.

We had a chance meeting the other night with her and her fiance, Hans Biscaldi of Bicaldi Tattoo Studio. Both were super nice and down to earth, but while Hans is quite the inked gentleman and a real looker, I can tell you that the hottest girl in the place was Debbie Mit Cake.

While we cannot have our cake and eat it too on this one, we can share some pretty hot photos of our new favorite dessert.

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Ass Haulers  out of Louisville, Kentucky with “Grown Ass Man.”



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Pin Up Girl Suzy Starliner Is Our Kind Of Calendar Girl

Suzy Starliner by Autumn Luciano 11by Sad Man’s Tongue, Model Suzy Starliner, Photography by Autumn Luciano of Decadence Dolls

If Ford needs a little inspiration for a new model, perhaps they could create a new Satrliner based on the curves of Pin Up Girl Suzy Starliner. This sweet and sassy pin up from Portage, Michigan would have done 1961 proud.

This retro Pin Up girl seems to be quite the calendar girl having been featured in four calendars in 2014 such as Vinsetta Garage Custom Detroit Beauties Calendar,
Drive In Magazine Calendar Adult Edition, Pin Ups Love Pussycats Benefit Calendar, and Dynamite Dames Photography Calendar. Niel Sedaka would have been proud!

The perfect combination of photographer Autumn Luciano of Decadence Dolls and Suzy Starliner make for some magical moments. Sexy, sexy, sexy. We can’t say it enough. You can be certain to see more of this pin up beauty in the future.

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Broken Toys from Rosario, Argentina with “Asi No Puedo Salir.”


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Inked Girls Gallery 141: The Mr. Jersey Edition

Scarlett Simoneit by Mr Jersey Photography (11)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by André Josselin of Mr. Jersey Photography Model Scarlett Simoneit

Based out of Cologne, Germany  André Josselin of Mr. Jersey Photography has a keen eye for beauty and an even keener eye for photographing it. We first featured him in an article called, “Inked Girls Gallery 138 – The Beautiful Chaos of Mr Jersey.”

Well today’s gallery is not about chaos it’s about clarity. Mr. Jersey’s photo shoot of inked girl and alternative model Scarlett Simoneit is clear enough. A beautiful model and vivid imagery break through the every day chaos to give you a crystal clear image brought to from the lens of a master.

Enjoy today’s gallery to Hells Fire Sinners out of Columbus, Ohio with “Piss On You.”


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Imelda May Rocks MY World

Originally posted on Renae Rude - The Paranormalist:

Talented? Check.
Retro? Check.
Irish? Check.
Smart? Check.
Gorgeous? Check.

And now she pays homage to classic horror.

I am in love with this woman.

Here’s her website.
Here’s the wiki.

imelda may

Here’s more music:

Johnny Got A Boom Boom from Imelda May on Myspace.

Big Bad Handsome Man from Imelda May on Myspace.

Walking After Midnight from Imelda May on Myspace.

Kentish Town Waltz from Imelda May on Myspace.

View original

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Rockabilly Girls Style Gallery 69 – By Libero Api

Rockabilly Girls Style by Libero Api (9)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Libero Api

Here is another great gallery of Rockabilly Girls by Libero Api, taken at the Summer Jamboree in Senigallia, Italy. We are very happy to have been introduced to Libero as his work has graced our pages numerous times.

You can find out more about Libero at his blog, Dento Al Replay, or fan him on Facebook here. You will not be disappointed and it gives us even more reasons to attend the Summer Jamboree and experience it first hand.

Enjoy today’s gallery to Crushed Out from the US with “Sweaty Dress.”

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Legs Gallery 146 – The Mimsy Photography Edition

Legs and Nylons Gallery 146 by Mimsy Photography (3)by Sad Man’s Tongue Photos by Nicolas Vandeberg of Mimsy Photography

Our next legs gallery comes from Nicolas Vandeberg of Mimsy Photography coming to you from Liege, Belgium. Nicolas has also put together a wonderful book of his work which you can check out at www.mimsy-photography.book.fr.

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Broken Vibes out of Buffalo, NY with “My New Things.”



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Last Months Musical Highlights With; The Lunatics, The Silks, Freddie DiLevi, The Dolfins, Slim Wray, Hells Fire Sinners, and More

Jone Matilainen Photography & Design

Jone Matilainen Photography & Design

By Sad Man’s Tongue

We have featured quite a few emerging bands here at Sad Man’s Tongue that cover a broad range of genres, “Old School & Beyond.” From Modern 50′s Doo Wop, Surf, Garage, Lo-Fi, Rockabilly, Punk, Psychobilly and straight up Rock & Roll. We have featured bands from Germany, Spain, South Africa, Untied States, France and Canada.

Here is a selection of the bands we have featured recently. Give them a listen. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

a3018792713_10The Lunatics out of Cologne, Germany with “I Love To Believe You.” Their Facebook page states;

“The band plays 80ies Old School Psychobilly and mix it up with Rock’n’ Roll, Swing, US-Punk, modern Psychobilly, Surf, Garage Punkrock! “

a3193645165_2The Silks out of Providence, RI with playing a mix of alt country, blues rock, and rock & roll. Peter Gerstenzang, freelance journalist, who has written for The New York Times and Rolling Stone states:

Rock and Roll may not be dead, but it does seem like there’s a priest leaning over its bed, reciting the last rites. However, if The Silks have anything to do with it, the body will soon be out of bed, bopping around the room.

a1450399740_2Freddie DiLevi out of Seville, Spain [lays a mix of rock & roll, surf, doo wop, and garage punk."S review goes on to say:

This album exudes culture, deep knowledge , and above all , love and devotion to those golden years and, yes, all the imagery it represents : nice cars , most beautiful girls, parties on the beach, Elvis, flights to Hawaii at the TWA , toupees , but above all , beautiful songs of primal rock and roll

a1823011596_2The Dolfins out of South Africa play a mix of punk and garage. Their bio on Facebook says;

Since our departure from our home turf, the distorted and slimy planet Gunk situated in the galaxy of Disbelief, we have traveled far and wide across the universe, until one day we came across a small inhabited globe called Earth. We immersed ourselves in their underground culture and soon learned the basic skills needed to create garage punk.

a2737523203_2Slim Wray out of Brooklyn, New York play a mix of alternative rock, blues, garage rock, indie rock punk rock, and surf. Their bio says:

Slim Wray is a bombastic, irreverent garage rock band founded on thunderous drums and gritty, fuzz-driven guitar riffs. Recalling blue-eyed soul classics such as The Sonics, The Animals, and The Kinks. Slim Wray powers things into the modern era with heart-pounding energy, visceral vocals and an energetic live presence.

a0723952421_2Hells Fire Sinners from Columbus, Ohio (A good place to party) playing country, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, honkey tonk, punk rock, rock & roll, and rockabilly. Their bio states;

The Hells Fire Sinners story begins in 2006 in Columbus, Ohio when two singer songwriters and a drummer began playing together. After writing a few songs they decided to form a band. Mixing honky tonk, punk and rock together they formed the Hells Fire Sinners.

a0935252555_2Jesus Sons out of Los Angeles California playing a mix of alternative. rock & roll, folk, garage rock, and psychedelic. Their bio states;

The songs that Jesus Sons write serve as explicit documentation of living in modern day America. The lyrics are filled with shady characters from the back streets of San Francisco and beyond. The ones lurking in the shady corners of your local watering hole, taking long drags off their cigarettes. Their breath stained of cheap whiskey. The music is the product of each members’ geographical origins colliding together

a2028135724_2The Red Riding out of Paris, France playing rock, punk, and garage. Their bio states absolutely nothing? But we dug them enough to feature them here.

a1216609012_2Bobby T. and the Slackers from Los Angles playing a mix of alternative, garage, punk, lo-fi, psychedelic, and surf rock. Their bio states nothing, but they do say they will play your bar mitzvah.

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Mosh by Amanda Anne Photography

Mosh by Amanda Anne (4)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Amanda Anne Photography

Sometimes you can tell how respected or good  a photographer is just by some of the people they have been able to photograph. Photographer Amanda Anne is no exception. Photographing  Mosh, and having done so quite well is a testament to her ability and her availability to work with some of the most talented Pin Ups in the industry.

Enjoy today’s gallery to Crushed Outfrom the US with “Sweaty Dress.”


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Legs Gallery 145 – The Aleksey Yepanchintcev Edition Vol 2

Legs Gallery 145 by Aleksey Yepanchintcev  (1)by Sad Man’s Tongue Photos by Aleksey Yepanchintcev

Met some guys the other day currently living in Nuremberg, Germany. All not only were they fans of Rockabilly and Kustom Kulture but also a great pair of legs. One of them even proudly admitted a fetish towards toes.

Of course the first thing we thought of was photographer Aleksey Yepanchintcev and his wonderful shots of those silky legs and painted toes. This one goes out to our new fans hanging out in Nuremberg and keeping the culture alive. And of course a big thanks to Aleksey who helps keep those fantasies alive.

Enjoy toda’s gallery to The FiftyNiners out of Pescara Italy with “Hard Times.”

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