There’s Something About a ’56 Chevy

Pin Ups & a '56 Chevy by Soliz Images Photography (12)by sad man’s Tongue, Photos by Soliz Images Photography

Soliz Images Photography says he is an engeneer by trade. Well he sure engineered the perfect shoot with a 1956 Chevy and some Sweet Pin Ups. Based out of Plano, Texas this photographer may specialize in more than Pin Up photgraphy, but those long legs and ’56 Chevy really caught our eyes.

1956 was a special year as Elvis Presley’s  Don’t Be Cruel and Hound Dog” single goes to #1 and stays #1 for a record 11 weeks. Little Richard releases “Tutti Frutti.” The Martin and Lewis team splits after 16 movies.  Elvis makes  his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. The music scene as it was known was now changing forever as Rock and Roll emerged.

Imagine driving one of these babies as Rock & Roll was taking off, and you were listening to Hound Dog on the radio.

Enjoy today’s wonderfull gallery by Soliz Images Photography to Elvis presley’s 1956 Album Released by RCA Victor.



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Rockabilly Girls Style Gallery: The 2014 Summer Jamboree Edition

Rockabilly Girls by Libero Api at the Summer Jamboree (11)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Libero Api

From our photographer friend Libero Api of Senigallia, Italy we have our first series of photos from this years Summer Jamboree. Known as “The Hottest Rockin’ Holiday On Earth,” who are we to deny it when we see photos like these. Libero never dissapoints.

The week long Vintage, Retro, and Rockabilly Festival just celebrated its 15th year and Libero has brought home some wonderful Rockabilly Girls in all their style.

Enjoy today’s Gallery to The Mokkers out of Berlin, Germany with “Indians.”


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Inked Girl Sandy P.Peng Brings Life Into Solemn Landscapes

Inked Girl Sandy P.Peng by Wayne Stadler (1)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by Wayne Stadler, Model Sandy PPeng

Photographer Wayne Stadler out of Calgary, Canada can take a rusting car, a lonesome road, a broken wagon wheel, and an abandoned hotel and turn them into something special with his photography. Photos that make you think and reminisce of days and dreams gone by.

299577_10150334539002102_106052466_nWayne has taken the concept of road trip to a whole other level. In his travels he has taken incredible photos of themes that most of us would not give a second glance to let alone see. But his magic with the camera has many seeing concepts and themes in a whole new light.

That’s how we came to know this wonderful photographer as he was one of the first people we featured here almost three years ago, when some photos of rusting cars caught our eye. But OHHH BROTHER how time does move forward into the colorful future with this set that blew us away from Wayne featuring International Alternative and Inked Model Sandy PPeng from Bregenz, Austria.

Corinna Walther by Ingo Kremmel 2We first became aware of Sandy by featuring work of another photographer, Ingo Kremmel of Lauterach, Austria. Ingo is another photographer who takes beautiful photos of landscapes of the Lake Constance Region with the female form in the forefront. Sandy was one of those models, so we were quite surprised when we saw this Austrian beauty in a photo set in Canada.

Well considering Sandy is an internationally acclaimed inked model with more credits than we have fans it should come as no surprise that this inked beauty and animal rights activist should journey to the great white north.

10505231_10152182470722102_4966480564093560621_oWith Sandy in the picture Wayne’s photos took on a whole new perspective. There were still the lonely prairies and abandoned places and rusting cars, but now it seems with sandy in the forefront, with that little sparkle of life in the landscapes, you may still reminisce but you would clearly look forward. This photo shoot was the perfect blend of two dynamic personalities, Wayne Stadler and the adorable Sandy P.Peng.

Enjoy today’s gallery to the sounds of Whiskey Kiss out of Phoenix, Arizona with “Dangerous One.”

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Pin Up Girl Miss Psycho Cat Makes Us Purrrr With Pleasure

Miss Psycho Cat by Ivica Ivanovic Photography (4)By Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Ivica Ivanovic of Ivica Ivanovic Photography

We have featured The Gorgeous Miss Psycho Cat here before and then have eagerly awaited for an opportunity to do it again. It seems the heavens have sprinkled a little Ju Ju Dust and answered our prayers. This delightfull photo set from photographer Ivica Ivanovic is proof that the heavens are full of miracles and answered prayers.

This sexy hot Pin Up Girl from Belgrade, Serbia may exhude real sex appeal and perfect style but be assured, this graduate in Ethno Anthropology has a pretty sexy brain as well. Be sure to check out her blog, “Confessions of the Psycho Cat.”


Enjoy today’s gallery to The Gumbo Ya-Ya’s out of Cape Town, South Africa with ” Juju Dust.”

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Spanish Pin Up Girl Rachel Moon

Pin Up Girl rachel Moon (8)by Sad man’s Tongue, Model and Photography by Pin Up Girl Rachel Moon

There are many things we love about Barcelona. The food, the food, the food, and Pin Up Girl Rachel Moon. We featured this pin up style loving girl once before. The feature was, Pin Up Rachel Moon Pays homage to Bettie Page – With The Mystery Gangs “My Baby Wants to look Like bettie Page.”

Rachels latest work makes it difficult to decide how to feature her, but the legs always get us, and what a pair she has.

Enjoy this set to one of our favorite Spanish bands, Freddie and the Filos with their version of Rickie Nelson’s “Lonesome Town.”


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The Kustom Kulture World of Angel Factory Photography

Kustom Kulture Photography Of Angel Factory Photography (10)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Travis Roach of Angel Factory Photography, Model Cassie Adamson

In Foley, Minnesota there appears to be a factory where angels are made. One of those angels caught our eye so we thought we would feature Minnesota Pin Up Girl Cassie Adamson.

Of course this angel comes to us from Travis Roach of Angel Factory Photography. Travis’ services cater to the central Minnesota car culture, and he goes on to say,

“Why have a poster of a strangers ride on your wall when you can have your pride and joy in all it’s glory with beautiful models, correct time period outfits, props and stories told in imagery.”

Makes sense to us, we just need to figure out how to get over to Minnesota. If Cassie will be there waiting for us we will sure try our best to figure this one out.

Even if she’s not waiting we are sure that Travis would show us around his Kustom Kulture world, and that alone could be worth the journey.

Enjoy today’s gallery to Graveyard Train out of Melbourne, Austrailia with “The Doomsday Cult Blues.”


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Inked Girls Gallery 143 With The Black Kat Boppers

Inked Girls Gallery 143 (8)

Black Kat BoppersWe just love ink over here at Sad Man’s Tongue, and we love just as much the Black Kat Boppers out of the United Kingdom.

They have a great first release called Boppin’ Atcha that we love. Here is a track for your enjoyment as well as a wonderful gallery below.


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Alternative Prague Weddings Inked and Rockin’

025_www.klapper.czby Sad Man’s Tongue, Models Ivan Černický and Alice Langhoff

WARNING: Dear parents of Ivan and Alice, they did not actually get married.

Over the last two years we have done quite a few feasture on Weddings that were Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, 1950’s, Retro, Vintage, and Alternative themes. Not to mention countless of photos posted on our Facebook page of the same. But of course this will be the first time we have featured some friends.

Our friends over at Hard Rock Cafe Prague, the biggest in Europe, who holds several Rockabilly and Psychobilly events each year decided they wanted to get ino the Alternative wedding scene so they set this more than a little photo shoot up.

026_www.klapper.czUsing their 800 year old Gothic cellar for the alternative wedding theme they clearly were able to pull off a magical event, albeit a fake one Mr and Mrs Černický and Mr and Mrs Langhoff. But the rest of you can really tie the knot in an absolutely incredible space with room for whatever rockin’ band you desire.

014_www.klapper.czPrague is listed as one of the most beautiful and unique capital cities in Europe. So if you are looking to tie the knot and want to do so in a breathtaking and unique environment, contact our friends at Hard Rock Cafe Prague  for a truly Alternative or Rock and Roll Wedding experience, at They will be glad to tailor any event to your needs and create a memorable experience.

Enjoy todays gallery to Jittery Jack out of Boston with “Gonna Have a Time.”


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Coney Island Vintage Girl Laura Okita

DSC00804sizePMbby Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Laura Okita, Model Laura Okita

When we saw these photos of fashion model and designer Laura Okita, we were mesmerized by the shots that seemed so timeless in capturing the retro era and the vintage spirit. When we asked who the photographer was we were quite surprised that it was also Laura Okita with her trusty tripod.

Hitting the runways as a model in America, Europe, and Japan Laura also drafts and sews her own designs keeping true to the vintage spirit. A graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder with a bachelor’s in Anthropology, Laura is our kind of Darwinian fitness and with legs like that, this bi-pedal would make all Australopithecines bow to her in adoration. We know we are :)

She has a wonderful vintage blog called “Paper Mothball Vintage.” and a you tube channel here. Be sure to check them out.

Enjoy todays gallery to Tami Neilson out of New Zealand with “Woo Hoo.”


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Rockabilly Girls Style Gallery 71: The Nina Roxanne Photography Edition

Rockabilly Girls Style by Nina Roxanne Photography l Pin Up & Boudoir (9)By Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Nina Roxanne Photography l Pin Up & Boudoir, Model Kaitlin Barclay, Makeup by Amani

Sometimes we come across a picture that we find so beautiful that we just can’t wait to share it. We also come away hoping two things. First that the photographer will have more photos from the set, and secondly we cross our fingers hoping the photographer will allow us to use the photos.

Such was the case when we came across Augusta, Georgia based photographer Nina Saari of Nina Roxanne Photography. Her photo of Pin Up Girl Kaitlin Barclay had us head over heels. Well this self taught photographer and mother of three has graciously allowed us to use her photos thus granting wishes one and two.

We are sure you will agree that both Kaitlin and the photo set are just gorgeous. While we see a lot of baby pictures (Some very very cute ones we must say) on Nina’s page, we hope she will continue to grow her Pin Up and Rockabilly Style portfolio and will become a regular over here. Clearly both Nina and Kaitlin are two of Georgia’s sweetest peaches!

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Wayfarers out of Nancy, France with “J’ai rejoint le chauffeur.”

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