Spanish Pin Up Girl Rachel Moon

Pin Up Girl rachel Moon (8)by Sad man’s Tongue, Model and Photography by Pin Up Girl Rachel Moon

There are many things we love about Barcelona. The food, the food, the food, and Pin Up Girl Rachel Moon. We featured this pin up style loving girl once before. The feature was, Pin Up Rachel Moon Pays homage to Bettie Page – With The Mystery Gangs “My Baby Wants to look Like bettie Page.”

Rachels latest work makes it difficult to decide how to feature her, but the legs always get us, and what a pair she has.

Enjoy this set to one of our favorite Spanish bands, Freddie and the Filos with their version of Rickie Nelson’s “Lonesome Town.”


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The Kustom Kulture World of Angel Factory Photography

Kustom Kulture Photography Of Angel Factory Photography (10)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Travis Roach of Angel Factory Photography, Model Cassie Adamson

In Foley, Minnesota there appears to be a factory where angels are made. One of those angels caught our eye so we thought we would feature Minnesota Pin Up Girl Cassie Adamson.

Of course this angel comes to us from Travis Roach of Angel Factory Photography. Travis’ services cater to the central Minnesota car culture, and he goes on to say,

“Why have a poster of a strangers ride on your wall when you can have your pride and joy in all it’s glory with beautiful models, correct time period outfits, props and stories told in imagery.”

Makes sense to us, we just need to figure out how to get over to Minnesota. If Cassie will be there waiting for us we will sure try our best to figure this one out.

Even if she’s not waiting we are sure that Travis would show us around his Kustom Kulture world, and that alone could be worth the journey.

Enjoy today’s gallery to Graveyard Train out of Melbourne, Austrailia with “The Doomsday Cult Blues.”


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Inked Girls Gallery 143 With The Black Kat Boppers

Inked Girls Gallery 143 (8)

Black Kat BoppersWe just love ink over here at Sad Man’s Tongue, and we love just as much the Black Kat Boppers out of the United Kingdom.

They have a great first release called Boppin’ Atcha that we love. Here is a track for your enjoyment as well as a wonderful gallery below.


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Alternative Prague Weddings Inked and Rockin’

025_www.klapper.czby Sad Man’s Tongue, Models Ivan Černický and Alice Langhoff

WARNING: Dear parents of Ivan and Alice, they did not actually get married.

Over the last two years we have done quite a few feasture on Weddings that were Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, 1950’s, Retro, Vintage, and Alternative themes. Not to mention countless of photos posted on our Facebook page of the same. But of course this will be the first time we have featured some friends.

Our friends over at Hard Rock Cafe Prague, the biggest in Europe, who holds several Rockabilly and Psychobilly events each year decided they wanted to get ino the Alternative wedding scene so they set this more than a little photo shoot up.

026_www.klapper.czUsing their 800 year old Gothic cellar for the alternative wedding theme they clearly were able to pull off a magical event, albeit a fake one Mr and Mrs Černický and Mr and Mrs Langhoff. But the rest of you can really tie the knot in an absolutely incredible space with room for whatever rockin’ band you desire.

014_www.klapper.czPrague is listed as one of the most beautiful and unique capital cities in Europe. So if you are looking to tie the knot and want to do so in a breathtaking and unique environment, contact our friends at Hard Rock Cafe Prague  for a truly Alternative or Rock and Roll Wedding experience, at They will be glad to tailor any event to your needs and create a memorable experience.

Enjoy todays gallery to Jittery Jack out of Boston with “Gonna Have a Time.”


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Coney Island Vintage Girl Laura Okita

DSC00804sizePMbby Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Laura Okita, Model Laura Okita

When we saw these photos of fashion model and designer Laura Okita, we were mesmerized by the shots that seemed so timeless in capturing the retro era and the vintage spirit. When we asked who the photographer was we were quite surprised that it was also Laura Okita with her trusty tripod.

Hitting the runways as a model in America, Europe, and Japan Laura also drafts and sews her own designs keeping true to the vintage spirit. A graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder with a bachelor’s in Anthropology, Laura is our kind of Darwinian fitness and with legs like that, this bi-pedal would make all Australopithecines bow to her in adoration. We know we are :)

She has a wonderful vintage blog called “Paper Mothball Vintage.” and a you tube channel here. Be sure to check them out.

Enjoy todays gallery to Tami Neilson out of New Zealand with “Woo Hoo.”


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Rockabilly Girls Style Gallery 71: The Nina Roxanne Photography Edition

Rockabilly Girls Style by Nina Roxanne Photography l Pin Up & Boudoir (9)By Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Nina Roxanne Photography l Pin Up & Boudoir, Model Kaitlin Barclay, Makeup by Amani

Sometimes we come across a picture that we find so beautiful that we just can’t wait to share it. We also come away hoping two things. First that the photographer will have more photos from the set, and secondly we cross our fingers hoping the photographer will allow us to use the photos.

Such was the case when we came across Augusta, Georgia based photographer Nina Saari of Nina Roxanne Photography. Her photo of Pin Up Girl Kaitlin Barclay had us head over heels. Well this self taught photographer and mother of three has graciously allowed us to use her photos thus granting wishes one and two.

We are sure you will agree that both Kaitlin and the photo set are just gorgeous. While we see a lot of baby pictures (Some very very cute ones we must say) on Nina’s page, we hope she will continue to grow her Pin Up and Rockabilly Style portfolio and will become a regular over here. Clearly both Nina and Kaitlin are two of Georgia’s sweetest peaches!

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Wayfarers out of Nancy, France with “J’ai rejoint le chauffeur.”

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The Perfect Hour For A Glass Of Pin Up Chocolat Is Now

Kristelle O'Chocolat by The Hourglass Photography (8)By Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by The Hourglass, Model Kristelle O’Chocolat

Britain’s leading female pin up photographer Nicole Klein of The Hourglass Photography studios out of Bletchley, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom knows quite a bit about Chocolat and sets the bar with her photography. Were not talking about candy bars either.

We are of course are talking about one of our favorite kind of chocolats, retroholic British Pin Up Girl Kristelle O’Chocolat.

The combination of the fabulous photography by The Hourglass and this british beauty make the perfect glass of sweet chocolat we know, and the combination clearly works.

Both combined works are typically featured in international publications such as Tease and Cake, Delicious Dolls Magazine, and Bachelor Pad Magazine just to name a few.

So if you are looking to be turned into a burlesque beauty or stunning pin-up stop by the The Hourglass, and if you want to see what naughty things happen to Kristelle O’Chocolat in Issue #8 of Tease and Cake pick up a copy here.

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Angry Cats out of Paris, France with “Rock’n’Riot in Town.”

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“Transylvanian Tapes” By The 69 Cats: The Perfect Witches Brew

71acV0E47bL._SL1500_by Sad Man’s Tongue

So what do you get when you add the eyes of 69 cool kats, six whiskers from the head of a cat, half of the food that gave you the Cramps, and several locks of hair from a hot Blondie, and then stir it all together?

You get the Gothabilly Supergroup “The 69 Cats.” Made up of frontman Jyrki of the  band “The 69 Eyes,” former “Cramps” bassist Scott Chopper Franklin, “Blondie” drummer Clem Burke, and 6 string guitar player Danny B. Harvey of Lemmy Klimister’s fronted band “The Head Cat.”

This not so strange brew of a band is set to release their debut album, “Transylvanian Tapes,” set for release on August 5th, 2014.

If you are a fan of the HBO series True Blood, then you have already been listening to them, as the series’ theme song, “I Want To Do Bad Things To You,” is theirs. Video below and click here to listen to  a couple of teasers from the new CD.

The CD has a guest appearance by the queen of rockabilly herself, Wanda Jackson, on a stunning version of Elvis’ “She s Not You.” The group adds their own touch to other rock classics as well such as  Del Shannon’s “Runaway” and Dwight Pullen’s “Sunglasses After Dark.”

You can pre-order the CD here at

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Some Mighty Fine Alley Cats by Roots To Willows Photography

Pin Up Girl by Roots To WIllows Photography (3)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Sue Sonnenberg of Roots To WIllows Photography, ModelsEsmeralda Mora, and Cherry Colista, taken at The Alley Cat Clothing Store

Based out of Murrieta, California photographer Sue Sonnenberg of Roots To WIllows Photography has a wonderful little set for our feature today. Taken at The Alley Cat Clothing Store in Riverside, California, Esmeralda Mora, and Cherry Colista were just a few of the lovely ladies to participate.

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Cryptkeeper Five out of Trenton, New Jersey with “Gimme Gimme Your Heart.”

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Nora Lee Cardigans And Pin Ups: The Perfect Combination


Nora Lee Cardigan sweaters (15)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Models, Laura Váchová, Pham Ngoc Diep, Lucie Trsková, and Nora Barnhart, Sweaters by  Nora Lee, Dresses by Lazy 50’s Eye

The only thing better than wearing a Nora Lee Cardigan Sweater, is having someone take it off, one button at a time :) Especially with models such as Laura Váchová, Pham Ngoc Diep, Lucie Trsková, we could spend all day here at Sad Man’s Tongue undoing those buttons.

That being said we can tell you that these handmade sweaters with a vintage and retro touch are made with more love and care than you can imagine. Nora Barnhart, aka Nora Lee is a Czech Photographer, Actress, and Model who has combined her love of vintage and retro fashion tailored for the modern girl into a true family business.

Nora Lee Cardigan sweaters (14)With so many mass-produced and then overpriced items from the big brand names, it is refreshing to see the ma and pa startups producing relevant and quality handmade pieces you can be proud to wear. It is so ma and pa that even Nora’s grandmother helps create the floral decorations.

Nora Lee tells us that;

” …..each piece is hand made with love and attention to detail. Each is hand embroidered and is a unique original. With every piece sold the creators are happy that their “baby” found a new home, and can make some lucky lady beautiful and happy! “

So if you are looking for something special, sexy, or unique, especially to go with those wonderfully sexy  Lazy 50’s Eye dresses, contact her here, or visit her webpage Nora Lee, or her Facebook page here. These were definitely made for you.

Enjoy todays gallery to Blaire Alise & The Bombshells out of Detroit, Michigan with “You Were Made For Me.”

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