The Green Orchid Pin Up Girl and Inked Beauty

Green Orchid by  Copper Reid 3

by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Copper Reid Photography, MediaKAB Photography, Sassy Studios,  Toma Amendolara

If the Green Hornet were looking for a new side kick I think we may have found one for him. Perhaps not as lethal as Kato, but she is ass kicking hot. Introducing the Green Orchid from Portland, Oregon.

Green Orchid is an established pin up model having been published in “Cat’s Meow Magazine,” “Pin Up Perfection Magazine,” and “American Classic Magazine,” just to name a few. However, her life is not all pin up modelling. This talented inked up Pin Up Girl also has a panache for hat making with a Macabre twist.

Mini burlesque hats, electroluminescent top hats, as well as vintage 1940’s and 50’s replicas are made by her and you can check out her Etsy shop at Green Orchids Creation.

This is one busy girl who has a passion for everything from the 1920s to the 1960s and a musical passion running from rockabilly and psychobilly all the way to bluegrass, jazz, and goth. But for today’s musical pairing how about the theme song to the 1960s series The Green Hornet.

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6 Responses to The Green Orchid Pin Up Girl and Inked Beauty

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  2. I am envious of that lovely green hair!

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