An After Valentine’s Day Chocolat

Kristelle OÇhocolat After Valentines (1)

by Sad Man’s Tongue

I know that most of you had some chocolate yesterday as part of the Valentine’s day celebration with your chocolate hearts and chocolate kisses. But, did any of you have some Chocolat? We are of course talking about Kristelle O’Chocolat.  Our Pin Up Friend from the United Kingdom, who  does not need a holiday to dish out her special kind of candy.

We have featured Kristelle several times here before. Kristelle actually gave us our first exclusive photos when we featured a recipe of hers in our Exclusive series “Cooking With A Pin Up.” In that feature Kristelle gave us her recipe for Mussels in a Creamy Aromatic Vanilla Sauce. It was quite a delightful recipe and soon we will be featuring a second recipe from her which is a wonderful salmon dish made with lavender. So stay tuned.

So we hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day yesterday. For those who celebrate Valentine’s everyday and don’t need Hallmark Cards to remind you once a year, here is your daily dose of Chocolat.

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