The Pin Up Photography of Bostjan Tacol Is Coming To Sad Man’s Tongue Bar & Grill – Prague


by Sad Man’s Tongue Photos by Bostjan Tacol of Photobilly

When it comes to Bostjan Tacol, from Ljubljana, Slovenia we are always taking a peak at his web page hoping to get a glimpse of something new. Like a child at Christmas we can’t wait to peak under the tree.

While we know we will always find great photography with bright colors that catch our eye, and some of the hottest pin up girls that lure us in hook, line, and sinker, every new shot is a gift from this talented man.

We have featured Bostjan here many times in the past, so it was only natural to ask him if he could give us a few selected prints. He came through like a champ and sent us five beautiful prints that we will be hanging on our walls.

If you want to see the selection he sent then you have to come and visit us, but here is a selection of his incredible work. Enjoy the gallery to the sounds of The Hells Fire Sinners out of Columbus, Ohio with their song “The Last Song Of 59.”

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Frankenstein & Bride Come To Sad Man’s Tongue Bar & Bistro – Prague


The Art of Mike Bell at Sad man's Tongue Bar & Bistro Prague, Rockabilly (8)

When I first saw Artist Mike Bell’s painting of Frankenstein and His Bride, I always imagined that if we ever moved from a virtual bar and bistro to the real deal, we would make a place for his incredible work.

The Art of Mike Bell at Sad man's Tongue Bar & Bistro Prague, Rockabilly (1)

Well Sad Man’s Tongue Bar & Bistro is opening it’s doors soon and Mike Bell is sending us both prints three and half feet tall to grace our place, as we look towards a late August opening.

Artist Mike Bell has an incredible variety of art that takes nostalgic figures and throws in a bit of humanity and humor, which makes you fell like these old school monsters would be cool to party with.

We expect the canvas prints to arrive in a couple of weeks and you should be able to view them on opening day in several weeks time. Until them enjoy the work of Mike Bell below to D.A. Sebasstian And The Inner Demons from Seattle, Washington with thier song Monster, Monster.


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Miss Cool Cat Is Actually Smoking Hot


by Sad Mans Tongue, Photos by Leopard print Photography Prague, Model Miss Cool Cat, Location Bar and Books Prague

The new season of Prague Burlesque is in full swing at the Theater Cinema Cafe Royal at Vinohradska 48. With the new season comes a whole new choreographed show from Sonny Vargas and his troupe of lovely burlesque dancers. A must see show in an amazing renovated theater from 1929, with by far the coolest seating and back bar you have ever seen in a theater.

Prior to the start of the new season we caught up with the gang of Prague Burlesque at one of their shows in the Manesova Street Bar and Books Prague. Featured here Is Miss Cool Cat, whose charm and personality matches her beauty. Always a pleasure to talk to and always a pleasure to watch, whether on the stage or in the same room, time seems to stop when she passes by, and with a dynamic personality to boot, what else could you ask for for.

Be sure to check out the new season of Prague Burlesque at the Theater Cinema Cafe Royal

Enjoy today’s gallery to the sounds of Secret Abilities out of Utah with their song “Blame Game.”



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Beautiful Freaks Or Beautiful Ink

Inked Up, tattoos by Leopard Print Photography Prague (9)

by Sad Mans Tongue, Photos by Leopard Print Photography Prague

I know a lot of people who that that people getting inked up is not the thing to do. But I know a whole lot more that not only love it, but also have some amazing body art.

Love the idea or hate the idea, there is no denying that the body art displayed is as unique to the individual as is their personality.

Here is a selection of some of those beautiful freaks that are truly a canvas of their personality with all their beautiful ink. Enjoy the street photography of Leopard Print Photography Prague to the sounds of One-Eyed Doll out of Austin, Texas with their song “Beautiful Freak”


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Remembering A Summer Of Legs

Legs, Stockings, and Nylons by Leopard Print Photography - Prague (2)

Well summer may be well past us, but it’s memories linger on in the photos that were taken on those hot days. The street photography of Leopard Print Photography – Prague shows best what reminds us of summer, it’s those long sexy legs.

Enjoy today’s gallery to the sounds of Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene out of Denver, Colorado with their song “Cold Stare Hot Touch.”

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St. Valentine`s Pie by Pin Up Forever: Cooking With A Pin Up Recipe #11

10966838_423884844434163_334757485_nby Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography Oleg Melnik, Style, hairstyle & makeup Kristina Melnik for Pin Up Forever, Pin Up model Kristina Papaya

Our friend  and local Prague Pin Up girl, Kristina Melnik, of Pin Up Forever, has graciously cooked us up another recipe for our “Cooking With A Pin Up” series, and just in time for Valentine’s Day we might add.

So if you are looking to make something special for your favorite hepcat or pin up girl try this sexy recipe out.

Cooking With A Pin Up Valentines day pragueIngredients For Dough:
3-4 eggs.
3-4 tablespoons with a hill flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoons baking soda to extinguish lemon juice

Cooking With A Pin Up Valentines day prague 2FillingVariant 1:
1/2 kg Apples
1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon

2 variant:
100 gr Dried apricots
50gr Raisins

For pouring of pie:
200 gr sour cream
1 tablespoon sugar
berries (it is possible using frozen: cowberry, bilberry, cranberry, currant) – 2 handfuls

10968095_423468654475782_681135603_nMethod of preparation:
Whisk the eggs with the sugar in a thick foam to the volume increased by 2 times. Is removed, while the side. My apples, remove the core and cut into thin plates. Dried my, dried apricots cut in half. You can add nuts.
Pour the flour into the egg mixture and whisk again. Add soda, slaked with lemon juice and stir. Form lubricating oil, spread the filling in the form, level. Pour batter on top and put in preheated oven to 180-200 degrees.
Bake 20-25 minutes, when the cake is a little browns, remove and pour sour cream, mixed with sugar and berries. Put the pie in the oven for another 5-7 minutes. Check readiness toothpick.

10721447_423483211140993_634753833_nHope all of you have a romantic Valentine’s Day this year, and if you would like to be featured here just send us an email. Big THANK YOU to our friends over at Pin Up Forever.




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Photographer Katerina Katonik Heats Up Cold Weather & Christmas Mornings

Christmas Pin Ups by Katerina Katonik (8)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Katerina Katonik, Model, Polli Smile

A lot has happened since we first published this post last year. Both the photographer and the model have gotten married, so bad luck for us, but Christmas magic for them.

We were very excited when we made contact with photographer Katerina Katonik from Voronezh, Russia. We absolutely love her style and this set was just perfect to start the holiday season.

With hints of Gil Elvgren in the background and her own edgy style carrying the vintage theme forward into the 21st century, Katerina takes us on a journey with Pin Up girl Polli Smile, who is drop dead gorgeous to say the least. And our new photographer friend seems to pretty hot herself. But that’s another story.

Katerina says she was born in “… Syktyvkar, Russia, were it is always a cold Russian winter with bears.” We are glad she survived those winters and bears, because she really heats things up now. It is pretty amazing that our new friend only just picked up a camera three years ago. We can’t even take a proper picture of our dog!

Enjoy today’s gallery to the sounds of Belgian Band, Smooth and the bully boys, with their version of Elvis Presley’s “Baby let’s play house.” Although we prefer to play Christmas morning with the girls😉

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Rockabilly Girl by Photographer Jarek Kozlowski

Rockabilly Girl, Pin Up Girl by  Jarek Kozlowski  (10)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Jarek Kozlowski of Kozjar’s Photography Model Monika Gruchala, Make Up & Hair Dominika Rostankowska,  Shot at the  Casino Diner, Camera: T-Max400 B&W negative film with 85 i 50mm lenses.

Taking you into the weekend is this very special first part of a two part set by photographer Jarek Kozlowski based out of Gdansk, Poland. Simply titled “Rockabilly Girl,” we find it to be simply delightful.

While Jarek’s bio says he specializes in street photography, architecture, and portraits this photo set with the beautiful Monika Gruchala shows that Jarek can also capture a moment in time and take us back to another.

We have adored this set ever since we first came across it and think Jarek has truly captured the look and spirit of a Rockabilly Girl through his wonderful photography. We have a friend living in Gdansk, but now we really have a reason to go and visit.

Enjoy today’s gallery to the sounds of Freddie & the Filos out of Siville, Spain with “Rockabilly Boogie.”

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Who Knows About Ink, French Photographer Nilakantha Knows It And Owns It

12124_599820676759503_876633093_nby Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Nilakantha Univers of Nilakantha Photographies

For almost a decade our friend, Nilakantha of Paris, France has been creating a universe for us. A universe where color, shapes, and focus paint the sky for our enjoyment.

The characters in this universe are edgy and beautiful Inked and Alternative models in which Nilakantha adds his own colorful sunsets to their allready covered and colorful skin.

As we said in our first feature on his work, “Inked Girls Gallery 142 – The Nilakantha Photographies Edition,”

“…..he does not dabble in photography of alternative models and inked girls. Cruising through his portfolio we saw no wedding pictures, no pictures of landscapes, no baby and graduation pictures, and no close up of bugs. Instead what we saw was a photographer who seems committed to specialize in Alt models shoots and a lot of ink, and to say he does it well is an understatement.”

Nilakantha was also just recently featured in “IMAGINARIUM magazine n°6,” with a small spread and interview on pages 44-55, which is a pretty big deal.

Enjoy today’s gallery to the sounds of Black Leather Jackets out of Oakland, California with “The Vainest Knife.”

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The Southern Pin Ups of Hellbomb Photography

Rockabilly Girls, Pin Up Girls, of Hellbomb Photography  (3)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Brandy Wood Wilson of Hellbomb Photography

Comin’ at ya from Saltillo, Mississippi where Elvis’ mother lived nearby and where Kathryn Kelly, wife of Machine Gun Kelly was born and raised, is photographer Brandy Wood Wilson of Hellbomb Photography.

She’s s keeping it real, keeping down to earth, and keeping it southern fried hot. With Southern hotties such as Mindy Anderson, Ariana Flowers, and Tenille Hubbard, how could you go wrong.

I am sure if you paid them a visit you would get some great southern hospitality along with a great photo shoot to boot.

So enjoy today’s gallery to the kick ass rockabilly and  garage influenced sound of Loonapark, out of St. Petersburg, Russia with “Poor Man’s Son.”


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