Head Cat: Lemmy, Slim Jim Phantom, DannyB. Harvey

Tired of tattoo cry baby bands, then Head Cat is for you. There’s no phoniness here. Just finished listening to some of the tracks and covers, loved would be an understatement.


LEMMY (Motörhead), SLIM JIM PHANTOM (The Stray Cats) and DANNY B. HARVEY (Rockats, 13 Cats, Lonesome Spurs), have teamed up in a high-energy, “take no prisoners” combo just to remind the world how Rock’n’Roll is supposed to f*ckin sound. Forget all those rock posers, who have nothing new to say, passing themselves off as the real thing. When it comes to real Rock’n’Roll these three guys have Lived it, Breathed it, Bled it and have set the lifestyle example that all you
Rebels, Rockers and Outcasts should strive to follow!

You have seen the light now come over to the Darkside…


Source: Reverbnation

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