Brian Setzer brings “Rockabilly Riot!” to the U.S. in December

Story by Tara Hall
SoundSpike Senior Writer
Published October 6, 2011 07:28 AM

Brian Setzer has unveiled more dates for his winter “Rockabilly Riot!,” which spreads across the western portion of the U.S. in support of his latest album, “Setzer Goes InstruMENTAL.”

The singer/songwriter and guitarist finishes up a Japanese leg today (10/6) in Tokyo and takes a month-long break before hitting the U.S. tour trail, beginning with a Dec. 1 show in Detroit. So far, nine dates have been confirmed for the winter excursion, which is set to wrap up with a two-night (12/30-12/31) New Year’s Eve extravaganza near Seattle.

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5 Responses to Brian Setzer brings “Rockabilly Riot!” to the U.S. in December

  1. Stray Cats are one of my favourite bands! It’s really exciting to see that even solo, Seltzer, still has the rockabilly influence and sound. It’s times like these, i wouldn’t mind if to live in the USA.

  2. Haha, that was quite a story, i’m sure it must been very thrilling to be there, they were really successful during the 80’s, obviously they had crazy groupies. I just listen to the song, it’s really good, the guitar intro is so badass, thanks for the link, i never heard that song before.

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