The Head Cat

When it comes to the band’s music, it’s like history class.

But with whiskey. – Jason Bracelin

by Jason Bracelin

Featured Writer

Las Vegas Review Journal

He’s been known to drink his Jack Daniels out of a pint glass, he’s been said to have bedded more than 1,000 women, and even at 64, you still wouldn’t want to leave your daughter alone with him without a cattle prod.


The name is synonymous with a lot of things: fast and loose rock ‘n’ roll that’s so pulse-quickening, it could be classified as a stimulant; facial moles the size of actual moles; a liver that’s taken more of a beating than a prize-fighter’s nose; a libido as relentless as death.

Kilmister’s best known as the frontman for pioneering heavy metal hedonists Motörhead, but he’s also got a side gig with a pair of fellow rock lifers: Stray Cats drummer Slim Jim Phantom and Lonesome Spurs/The Rockats guitarist Danny B. Harvey.

Together, they excavate the roots of rock ‘n’ roll — from Eddie Cochran’s much aped rebel yells to Chuck Berry’s duck walk — fronted by a dude who’s pretty much come to define the arena in which he’s toiled for close to four decades now.

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