Cars and Guitars: Rockabilly Music and Car Shows Are a Match Made in Rock and Roll Heaven

By Buster Fayte, Featured Author, Sad Mans Tongue

It’s a natural. Cool cars teamed up with hot guitars. The rockabilly music  scene and the car show circuit have become inseparable over the past several  years. Any good car show these days will be made better by a rockin’ band or two  to keep car nuts’ motors running during the event.

It’s no surprise that organizers of car shows tend to love rockabilly. After  all, if a cat’s into old cars, then he’s probably into old rock and roll too,  and nothing’s more rollicking than red-hot rockabilly music. Hanging out at cars  shows is like entering a different world. Car owners showing off their prized  possessions, gawking at the other guy’s beauty, swapping stats and specs,  searching for the missing part or piece of knowledge about their car that will  finally enable them to take it from perfect to pristine. And all the while, fans  of old cars wander through the chrome monsters, the hopped up hot rods, the  understated classics, and the custom modified beasts that are the pride and joy  of their owners.

And one thing they dig almost as much as their four-wheeled lovers is the  steady backbeat, slappin’ rhythm, twang-filled lead licks, and hiccupy vocals of  a good rockabilly band. And the love flows both ways. There’s nothing like being  on stage playing to a group of fans who really appreciate what you’re doing and  you can see the energy infusion that a rockabilly band gets just by standing up  there getting ready to rock to a crowd of car enthusiasts. Listening to  rockabilly just makes looking at old cars more meaningful. And the presence of  old cars just makes rockabilly music that much more authentic, appropriate, and  energetic.

As I type this, it’s about 20 degrees below zero (and I’m talkin’  Fahrenheit!) here in the Midwest of America. With that kind of cold numbing your  brain, you need something to warm you up. The thought of a balmy spring  afternoon wandering through a parking lot full of muscle cars while a rockabilly  guitar solo screams in the background…well, nothing gets the blood moving  quite like that does!

Plans are made for upcoming car shows early and rockabilly bands will start  being booked already as early as the end of the car show one year for the same  event the next. There’s plenty of opportunity throughout the summer in colder  climates and throughout the year where the weather’s warmer all year ’round to  catch a car show, whether it’s a small local event or a huge high-profile car  show extravaganza. And you can bet that if it’s a show that’s worth the time to  go to, there’ll be a rockabilly band hitting the stage at one point or  another!

Buster Fayte is an author and rockabilly musician. He Blogs at “Buster Fayte’s Rockabilly Romp” where he writes about the passion he shares with millions of musicians and fans for rockabilly and oldies music. Buster has written several books including the “Complete Home Music Recording Start Kit”. He writes original songs, sings, and plays both guitar and bass.

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  1. Buster Fayte says:

    How appropriate that you included a picture of the tail end of a ’59 Chevy with the teardrop tailighs! We always called it a “wiseguy car.” One of my favorites. Thanks again

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