Dig Rockabilly Music? 10 Ways to Tell Whether You Are a True Fan

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By Buster Fayte, Featured Author, Sad Man’s Tongue

You may have heard of rockabilly music and you may even think you like it.  You might even consider yourself quite the expert on the subject and boast  proudly that you are a rockabilly cat or chick. But how do you know whether you  really dig rockabilly? Here are 10 sure-fire litmus tests that will tell you  whether you’re a real rockabilly rebel or just a penny-loafer-wearing soda  jerk!

You’re most likely a real rockabilly rebel or rockabilly chick if:

  1. Your pompadour is registered with the local airport. If you notice  that the weather is different at the altitude of the top of your haircut, then  yeah, you’re probably the real deal.
  2. You insisted on having Eddie Cochran’s “Something Else” playing as your  bride walked down the aisle. Don’t get me wrong; that’s a great tune for  sure! But only a hard-core cat would play it at his wedding!
  3. Your baby’s first words were, “B-I-BICKEY-BI, BO-BO-GO!” Gene Vincent  engrained that phrase into all true rockabillies and the baby’s-first-word test  is one of the most reliable.
  4. You named your dog “Perkins”: Or your cat, or your car…or your  child. Carl would be honored, I’m sure. Luther? Well, he’d probably just stand  there with a blank look on his face and play his guitar.
  5. You welded fins onto the back of your riding lawnmower. And painted  it pink.
  6. You think it’s a good idea for your three-year-old daughter to tattoo her  left bicep. Especially if her first tattoo features dice, a car, a big-fat  stand-up bass fiddle, or a 50s pin-up model.
  7. You think any band with more than three instruments in it is  cheating. Sometimes you’ll make an exception for the occasional acoustic  guitar, but two electric guitars is just plain overkill!
  8. Songs with the word “train” in their titles make up over seven of your 10  all-time favorite songs. “Mystery Train,” “Train Kept A’rollin’,” “Long,  black Train,” “Lonesome Train,” “Get Off Of My Train,” well, you get the  picture.
  9. You won’t kiss your boyfriend unless he curls his lip first. Ladies,  that’s just not fair!
  10. You wake up on the dance floor with a beer bottle in one hand and the  band’s set list in the other. That’s hard-core rockabilly. But you’ve really  gone over the top if you don’t remember standing on top of the bass player’s  stand-up bass, diving over the drums, and screeching at the guitar player to  “Slam that Big Gibson!” as you went sailing overhead.

So there you have it. If any one of these applies to you, you’re probably a  true rockabilly fanatic. If you can lay claim to all 10 of these…then rock and  roll heaven has a place reserved especially for you!

Buster Fayte is an author and rockabilly musician. He Blogs at “Buster Fayte’s Rockabilly Romp” where he writes about the passion he shares with millions of musicians and fans for rockabilly and oldies music. Buster has written several books including the “Complete Home Music Recording Start Kit”. He writes original songs, sings, and plays both guitar and bass.

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  1. Buster Fayte says:

    I’d forgotten about this list! Thanks for the reminder.

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