Livin’ The particular Rockabilly Lifestyle: Stuck within 1957?


For many fans, rockabilly is more than just their favorite music. It’s a  lifestyle. What does it mean to live the rockabilly lifestyle? What is it about  rockabilly that makes people change not only the music the listen to, but also  the way they style their hair, the cars they drive, the way they choose to  furnish their homes, and the clothes they wear? I’m not sure I have the  definitive answers to those questions (in fact, I’m pretty sure I don’t!), but  it’s an interesting discussion to have.

Rockabilly music came along at a time when teenagers where getting restless.  They’d had enough of “How Much is that Doggie in the Window” and the rest of the  vanilla-flavored, play-it-safe, polite-enough-to-please-your-parents pop music  diet they’d been forced to exist on. Country music could be cool, but it wasn’t  quite right for the young crowd. Blues music–although wonderful –wasn’t  danceable. Rhythm and Blues was great, but as “race” music, it didn’t get wide  airplay and the suburban white kids with their growing freedoms and growing  buying power didn’t hear much of R&B. Then rockabilly came along and broke  all the barriers at once. Rockabilly set those kids free!

It’s this sense of freedom that I think is behind the persistent popularity  of rockabilly. When we listen to rockabilly music, we’re transported back to a  time when formulas didn’t matter. Or, more accurately, they did matter in that  musical formulas existed to be modified, rewritten, or erased and recreated from  scratch.

The rockabilly lifestyle is simply an extension of that expression of  freedom. The people living the rockabilly lifestyle–call them rockabillies–find joy and comfort in the styles of the 50s. It frees  them to imagine a simpler, more innocent time when the music was fresh, bold,  and innovative. And the music seems even more meaningful for them when they’re  surrounded by things that help foster the illusion of that wild and brash time  in musical history.

The rockabillies are also an accepting lot. The original rockabilly cats back  in the real 50s often broke color barriers because of the heavy influence that  the great black blues players had on them and their music. Several black  musicians made a name for themselves as part of the rockabilly scene. In the  same way, skin color doesn’t matter to today’s modern rockabillies either. Nor  does nationality matter. In fact, it’s the very diversity of the modern  rockabilly crowd worldwide that makes it so exciting. You can be a rockabilly to  whatever extent you want to be and most other rockabillies will accept your  decision. The common thread that holds the rockabilly-lifestyle fabric together  is the music. If you simply enjoy the music, you’re as accepted into the  rockabilly world as someone who goes whole hog with the cars, clothes, hair,  furniture and all the rest. After all; rockabilly has always been about the  music. It still is about the music. And it always will be about the music.

So, what is the “rockabilly lifestyle?” Let the music guide you to the  answer!

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  2. Buster Fayte says:

    Oops! No fault of yours, but this is another of my articles stolen by another hack who doesn’t want to do the work, but wants to make money off of it. And they didn’t do a very good job of stealing it either as it’s all messed up. If you’d like to post the original article, you can find it at my EZineArticles site: Keep rockin’ cats!

    • Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro - Prague says:

      What a cock sucker! We fixed the article and sited you 🙂 Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  3. Buster Fayte says:

    Cool. Thanks!

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