Rockabilly Hair Styles Make A Comeback: Imagination Is The Secret Weapon


By David Blackstock, Featured Writer, Moxie Q

I have a stylist named Juju on my team. Her personal image is just as unique as her name. That’s why, when she came into my salon the first time, directly from San Francisco, I literally hired her on the spot. I had no doubt that she would add value to our team, and she has not disappointed. One of the first things that I noticed, of course, was her hair. She was making major statements with that hair style, and I loved it. And I still do, especially because her style is really in line with what we know as Rockabilly. Even though the concept style of Rockabillyhas been around for decades in one incarnation or another, it’s finding its way back once again- riding the coattails of coiffed hair. And I must say that I like it, even though it’s so relatively new in its resurgence that very few of my clients have asked for it yet. But don’t be fooled. This truly Americana style is making another comeback.

True Rockabilly is a lifestyle. There are Rockabilly clubs from Los Angeles to London. There is even a Rockabilly Facebook page. And there are Rockabilly lifestyle guides all over the Internet. But the best part about this lifestyle is that anything goes. It’s both a return to our roots and a free-for-all interpretation. If history is any guide, we have some great things to look forward to. Take Wanda Jackson for example. She’s from the old school of Rockabilly, and her music and life don’t stray too far from her roots. She’s rock “n” roll to the core. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with this 74 year-old icon last year, and it was a highlight of celebrity encounters for me. I just love this woman. She dated Elvis, she is legendary, and she exudes the Rockabilly style; albeit once removed from today’s trendy interpretations. In fact, Wanda Jackson is probably one of the most genuine Rockabilly entertainers that we still have with us today, which is probably why she toured with Adele last year. Even Adele is a fan of Wanda Jackson.

What does the Rockabilly style have to offer you though? If you’re like many others, you have probably looked at someone with a genuine Rockabilly hairstyle and wondered, “How did they do that?” Let’s be honest, you know you’ve been curious as to how anyone would come up with that idea or that look to begin with. Then, how in the world do they make it look so casual, like a comfortable pair of jeans on a sunny day? The good news is your hairdresser should be able to help you decide if the Rockabilly look would be good for you, and how to manage the styling techniques. But if you can’t wait until then, the Internet is full of “how to” guides for Rockabilly hair. The highlights (no pun intended) are:

  • You have to get the right haircut
  • Rockabilly hairstyles need to be curled
  • Next, style it both front and back

Yes, those really are the basics. Of course, you can find plenty of sources that will give you more detailed direction, but I think it’s up to you to find your interpretation, like Juju has. The best part of anything Rockabilly is that there are so few rules. Juju has made it her own, and that’s the first step for you too if you’re going to make this work. In fact, if you’re really interested in the Rockabilly style for yourself, you have to remember…Rockabilly is not just a style that you decide you want to wear. It’s a style that you live. Don’t try this style at home if it’s not who you are. It won’t turn out anything like you expect, and that’s not good. But if it’s in you to let your Rockabilly inner self be free, then by all means let it loose. Join the likes of Wanda Jackson. Explore the possibilities. It just might be time to make a change.


Source: Moxie Q

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