The Vintage Models of Vintage Sofia Clothing of Bulgaria Part 1

by Sad Man’s Tongue

Stumbling around cyberspace we came across a series of pictures of a vintage party in Sofia, Bulgaria. We were so intrigued by the great photos that we delved a bit further and found this great online vintage clothing shop called Vintage Sofia.

According to them;

Vintage Sofia is a collective of young artists who started working together in 2011. Inspired by the vintage culture we are trying to bring new life in the old and quite forgotten things. Our aim is to prove that the retro style is still alive and has its own place in the modern age.

First we were focused on the creation of old fashioned jewellery and brooches, much like the ones my friend makes and sells on Beautiful Girl. With the experience came the desire to experiment with the retro clothing and to expand our visions of accessories.

I think this collection of young artists and vintage fans are doing something right. Judging by the following selection of photographs of their models dressed in their work, they should do quite well. I think I may have to make a purchase or two myself. Not interested in making a purchase, then just check out this first series of photos from their line. Yes once again more reasons to visit Bulgaria.

Over at Chronically Vintage they just posted “Ten of the UK’s best vintage reproduction clothing sources“, “wich I can tell you now, the UK better look out. If that’s the best they’ve got,  Vintage Sofia didn’t just beat your ass, the girls over at Vintage Sofia beat the living shit out of you. No fault to Chronically Vintage who has a great blog.

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  3. Neat.. Clothing is a surprisingly large part of my business as an Event Planner, so I love to see stuff like this. The photographs are great, I could build a wedding around each one! Glad you came across me, I love seeing your posts

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