Part 2: The Vintage Models of Vintage Sofia Clothing of Bulgaria

by Sad Man’s Tongue

This is part two of a little piece we are doing on Vintage Sofia Clothing of Bulgaria.  We came across them by accident around cyberspace we saw a series of pictures of a vintage party in Sofia, Bulgaria. We were so intrigued by the great photos that we delved a bit further and found this great online vintage clothing shop called Vintage Sofia.

According to them;

Vintage Sofia is a collective of young artists who started working together in 2011. Inspired by the vintage culture we are trying to bring new life in the old and quite forgotten things. Our aim is to prove that the retro style is still alive and has its own place in the modern age.

First we were focused on the creation of old fashioned jewellery and brooches. With the experience came the desire to experiment with the retro clothing and to expand our visions of accessories.

I think you will agree that their line of fashion is pretty damn sharp, and those models aren’t too shabby either. But one thing is for sure, they have a true knack for their photography in telling a story or bringing you in deeper. This was evident when i first saw their photos of the Vintage Party.

We have many friends who delve into the fashion aspect of rockabilly and I am sure we will do some pieces on them, but in the meantime, if you guys have another vintage party in Sofia, lets us know, maybe we will come. If we can’t be sure to send us some pictures.

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