Mystery Gang Rockabilly Trio: The Best Rockabilly Band Out Of Hungary

Mystery Gang Rockabilly Trio: Here Come The Jungle People!

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One of the best rockabilly bands to ever come out of Hungary and currently playing in many parts of Europe is the Mystery Gang Rockabilly Trio. Their rockabilly roots and influences are clearly heard in their records while maintaining a very unique “jungle” sound. They were gracious enough to take some time out of their jam packed tour schedule to answer some questions in a Q&A session for us and give a little insight as to what they are all about.


Jay, The Opening Set.Com:  First of all thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. I appreciate it. Introduce yourself and your band mates and what instruments you play?

Mystery Gang: We are also very thankful. We like your e-zine very much.

First of all we are not a cover band. We play just our own songs written by Tattooed Pete, and these songs are very popular in Europe.

The band members are:

Tattooed Pete – Lead Singer Guitars

Les Thunders – Double bass

Tony Swing – Drums

Jay: How did you guys form the band and how did you come up with the name “Mystery Gang”?

MG: As teenagers, we have been listening to rockabilly music, and wanted to be big famous rock’n’roll stars :-)

At the beginning, we were fans and today we stick to the  style. We got acquainted through the style as we were the visiting the same nightclub.

The song, Mystery Train  -sure you know it – gave the idea to the name.

Jay: Who are some of your influences for your music?

MG: Ourselves :-) but the dominant Black and White performers of the 40’s 50’s early 60’s. By now  the Mystery Gang influence became more and more dominant. We’ve found our  sound, our style. This style is genuine, and unaffected.

Jay: How is the rockabilly scene in Hungary? Is it pretty popular over there?

MG: The past 10 years we have done a lot to raise the popularity of this style higher and higher. We introduced it to teenagers, young people. So we and this style got a large circle of new and young fans. From the beginning we play for all the folks.

Jay: I see that you guys have some dates here in the USA in July, on the east coast, New York. Is this going to be your first time playing in the USA? Any chance that you guys will ever play on the west coast of the USA, like California? The rockabilly scene is very big over here.

MG: Our dream is fulfilled that we can play in such a great place, in great conditions, in New York. Although we would like to go to the west coast rockabilly scene.

Jay: On some of your new songs, you play the electric bass guitar instead of the traditional upright bass. What instrument do you prefer playing? Or does it just depend on what song you are playing?

MG: It depends which song we are playing. Some classic songs is unimaginable with doublebass, some with bass. For example, such a classic like “Come On Everybody” could not be played with doublebass, and the splendid Bill Black (Elvis Presley) had to use bassguitar from time to time.

Our style is on the late 50’s and early 60’s, and then both of them were used.

Jay:  On your official website you have 2 full length albums available for FREE download, as well as some high quality videos. That is very unusual to see nowadays. What made you decide to give away your music for free?

MG: We got the idea from Paul McCartney :-) If a band like ours doesn’t want to lock themselves in one country, one continent, then it has only this way to go on in 2010. The goal is important and not the way how we got there. We don’t want to be garage Elvis….we want the whole world.

Jay: All your songs on your albums are in English. Do you find the English language pretty easy when you sing your songs? Any plans for you guys to record any songs in your native language of Hungarian?

MG: Both singing, and writing the lyrics is easy for us in English because it comes from our style. Our music is for everybody and not only for Hungarians.

Jay: And speaking of recording songs, when will you guys record a new studio album?

MG: Of course, we are already working on it. We will be playing a few of the new songs in New York already. It’s gonna be a very hard, garage rockabilly album with a special Mystery Gang “urban jungle” sound.

Jay: I read a few months ago that your lead singer, Peter Egri, had a small part in a movie. Can you give us some more info on that movie and where can the people here in the USA watch it?

MG: I played a 50’s style gangster in a Hungarian production called “Made in Hungaria”. It was an excellent experience. I hope, there will be a second episode as well. They showed it in New York and reportedly the Japanese audience started to cry at the end :-)

Jay: And last but not least, where can people find out more about your band, music, and tour dates?


Jay: Any final words for your fans here in the USA, specifically in New York where you will be playing in July?

MG: See you there….

Again, a big thank you to the Mystery Gang! Check out their Myspace page and official website for more info and to get some FREE music!

Source: The Opening Set

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