Nashville rockabilly Wedding

Here is another great post about a Rockabilly wedding from Dandy Lion.


last week we featured houston station. this week i want to feature a dandy wedding that was held there!

wedding colors were influenced by this fabulous nashvegas sign.

yellow chartreuse red teal blackguests were greeted with a hardbound, custom guestbook with photos of the couple. the horseshoe was also on their invitations and later at the desert table. the small jar was one of many favors – local honey donated from a friend with custom horseshoe tags.

honey and guestbook

black was the base color, bringing out the others in high contrast! we set up black chairs for the ceremony with bright yellow programs.

black chairs bright programs

the bridesmaids wore white dresses and colorful shoes so you know what comes next…

bridesmaids in white

the bride wore black!

bride in black dress

red poms made from recycled tissue paper defined the aisle. red chiffon and christmas lights frame the ceremony.

red ceremony tissue poms

the happy couple!

red ceremony tissue poms

bride with tattoos

after photos, we snuck them away for a few minutes to be together and have a  bite to eat.

couple moment

another favor — gathered saplings that could be taken home and planted.

sapling eco wedding favors

dessert table setup — fun flamingos and cakes with different flavors!

yellow dessert table flamingos ribbon wall

finalized dessert table and ribbon wall. the bride does not like cake so she ate pie instead!

the plates stacked on the left are biogradeable palm leaves. these and other eco-friendly table settings can be found at ihospitality.

flamingo wedding cake

hillbilly casino kept the party going and guests on the dance floor!

this couple loved bold colors, horseshoes, flamingos and the earth. they wanted it to be formal and feel like a wedding, while also expressing their personality. they were also very aware of the environmental impact of their event. what do you think? what did you like or dislike?

with love,


Source: Dandy Lion

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  1. LOVE…such a sucker for an alternative wedding!

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