The Obscuritones – CD review

by Miriam , Featured Writer, Rockabilly Online

The Obscuritones, a 6 piece band from London (UK), playing close harmonies and rockin’ rhythm. They prefer to call it fifties rockabilly, surf and garage like the Andrew Sisters singing with the Stray Cats after a night out with the Cramps.” They’re influenced by Carl Perkins, Collin Kids, Hank Williams, Andrew Sisters, Johnny Burnette, Wanda Jackson and many more…

The band has 2 female leadsingers, Gabriella Romano and Joanna Hill. The other band members are Hugh Byrne and Samantha Kidman on guitar, Andrew Bavington on double bass and Phil Casey on drums. They’ve toured around the clubs all over London and recently they’ve completed a short tour in Belgium and Holland. Sorry I missed that, but now I can enjoy their first CD, an 8 track demo with covers and originals.


The first song on the album is Jim Dandy, originally written by Lincoln Chase and it was first recorded by LaVern Baker in 1956. A very good song, but certainly in the version by the Obscuritones, a real fifties sound. The 2 leadsingers, Gabriella and Joanna know how to create the atmosphere of those days,  especially by using their voices in such a way, both the high and low tones. This vocal technique was often used by Wanda Jackson and this technique is well reflected in the fourth song on the CD “Just Because”. Originally known in the late fifties by the Collin Kids. The song Vapour club boogie has a sound like the Stray Cats, raw rockabilly from the eighties. But also musically the band is good and experienced; you can hear this quite well on the last song on the album Brockwell Beach. A very all-round band and to see them live in action, it should be a party guaranteed! Visit their myspace site to check where they will be playing soon:

Source: Rockabilly Online 


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  1. Very nice tune! Really,really enjoyed it! It takes me back to the early fifties.Its bitter sweet and i would not change a thing!

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