Voodoo Swing’s best Music Video at the Long Shadow Film Fest

by Dee-Ann, Featured Author, Rockabilly-Online

The Voodoo Swing rockumentary « Keep on Rollin’ » produced by SCWFilms and Electric Lotus Label received the Special Jury Award for the Best Music Video at the Long Shadow Film Festival of Phoenix, AZ.

The new festival is focused on shorts films. Its goal is to discover local filmmaker talents. It took place last November in Phoenix, AZ. The jury was notably presided by Jenna Duncan (reporter, filmmaker, poet and teacher) and Nic Wiesinger (Intermedia Art graduated student from ASU). The rockumentary “Keep on Rollin’ ” about Voodoo Swing’s new album won the Best Music Video Award.

It is a great reward for Steven Christopher Wallace, SCWFilms, and the famous AZ-based rockabilly band Voodoo Swing! Together, they hit the road in their vintage Lincoln Continental, to present the latest record “Keep on Rollin’” (Electric Lotus Label, 2011) during their 2011 South-western tour. From Tucson to Las Vegas, with his Super 8 camera, Steven captured the authenticity, the energy and the talent of musicians dedicated to their music.

We can also feel the entousiasm of the audience at each show, the lifestyle, the cars, the pin-ups, the greasy hair and the trio’s commitment to give it all on stage. A well deserved recognition for a great rockumentary and a great band ! To be absolutely seen by everyone who loves roots music.

The video is available on Youtube:

Source: Rockabilly-Online 

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  1. Cindy Meitle says:

    Well deserved!

  2. These are my boys! I love them! Great group of guys! 😉

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