A Retro All American Picnic (With a Rockabilly Twist) Engagement Shoot

Found another great photo session over at Poptastic Bride, featuring this retro rockabilly picnic as the back drop.

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Well hello it’s Monday once again! I’m glad you dropped by (and you’ll be glad you did!) because starting off the week is a super fun retro and rockabilly flavored engagement styled shoot starring some all-American picnic favorites and this adorable sweet-and-so-in-love couple…

retro rockabilly engagement session

I just love talented husband and wife photo duo Brent and Anna of Live View Studios for sending me such awesome retro shoots (they’re also responsible for this groovy 70s styled session)! Here’s a behind-the-scenes look of the day:

Our inspiration for it began when we saw a pinup poster of a girl fanning a smoking grill with her dress, and then thought it would be cute to create some engagement ideas for an all-American picnic with a bit of a retro / rockabilly twist. Our couple are real-life sweethearts, Heather & Ryan (though not engaged yet), and they’re both very much the style of people that this shoot ended up becoming. All-American foods like hot dogs, apple pie, & Coca Cola were used as picnic foods. A retro bike also adds some fun. Fans of our work have often remarked that the photos from the lake especially have a “Notebook” movie feel and that our Ryan looks very much like Ryan Gosling, which is an added bonus that we didn’t even plan for.  🙂

retro all american rockabilly engagement

retro all american engagement shoot

You can See the rest of the photos and read the rest at: Poptastic Bride

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