Rockabilly Music Gave The World Its Greatest Music Sensation

After 60 years or so of rock and roll history, it has certainly more true feelings. The Beatles, of course, immediately spring to mind. The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan goes on Bruce Springsteen, U2, and the list. But Elvis was the original rock and roll sensation and remains the greatest of all. And it’s biggest claim to fame of rockabilly music.

Sure, we could be talking about hit records, the number of songs, album sales, weeks in the charts, and other measures of musical success. Argue and just as surely as you can find someone to the point where is was the biggest sensation. But in my opinion, no matter how you cut it into slices, Elvis is still king.

When Elvis really hit the scene with his original recordings in 1954, rockabilly, rock and roll in its infancy was plugged in or not even born or based on who you speak. But regardless of whether Elvis was the first rock and roll or not, it certainly was the cat that gave the new music of his biggest impact energy and forced him to explode on the conscience of the world.

That makes it the feel of the skirt. Elvis was a global developer. He took over the country, blues, rhythm and blues, gospel and other musical influences he had absorbed during his childhood and had heard that something no one ever molded mixture.

And Elvis was a great artist. To keep pace with its aggressive new musical, he had good looks and a dangerous sensuality which soon led to a scandal with “decent” American adults. All about Elvis makes the fans go wild for him. Despite all this, he turned out to be nervous, shy, boys, who spoke calmly and respectfully. It was a strange paradox indeed!

This inconsistency makes him even more fascinating and the fans love him even more. With the momentum of screaming fans fueling their rocket career, Elvis changed everything about pop music. It was exactly what the children of the 1950s and was needed. The music of their parents are no longer sufficient to just pop. Patty Page and Perry Como could not talk to children. Elvis was able to swing his hips again and had children – girls and boys – eating out the palm of your hand.

Yes, the fans went crazy for the other bands. You can hardly hear the Beatles playing in concert recordings at Shea Stadium, but at that moment the girl was screaming at concerts yesterday. Elvis had already written the screenplay. Elvis taught to move thousands of musicians how to act, and being on stage. Everyone wanted to be like Elvis. And everyone knew that they could be. The king was a sensation no doubt. That was in the truest sense of the word true. And it remains today – after 60 years of rock and roll – rock greater sense at all.

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