J.D McPherson Camden 2012 with Jimmy Smith and Alex Hall

Found another great blog called “Musical Traces.” It is definately worth a look as he has some great original writings on music. What caught our eye was his piece on one of our favorite musicians, J.D. McPherson. The author, Big Mikey Dread has an interesting background which you can learn more about here, and you can check out his pod casts devoted to as he says,

 Jamaican Music from the 1950s to the Present day. Mento, Ska, Rocksteady, Early Reggae, Roots Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, Modern Roots, Ragga and a whole heap more…

over at  BIGMIKEYDREAD REGGAE RADIO. His post is below.

J.D McPherson Camden 2012 with Jimmy Smith and Alex Hall

by Mike Murphy, Featured Blogger, Musical Traces

One of the best Gig’s I’ve ever been to…

And I’ve been to a few!

A while back you may know, I reviewed a cd called ‘Signs and Signifiers’, largely written by J.D. McPherson, with Bass and drums by Jimmy Sutton and Alex Hall respectively. Well finally I got to go and see them play at a pub in Camden London. Made for 300 people it was holding 500 as they took to stage, a fabulous night had by all, and thanks to Corkey the Cool Cat and Dicky for taking me to see them play… it was fantastic.

Here are one of the two films made that night, you can see the second over at Musical Traces


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