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In our latest “See the Music” segment, sat down with Volbeat vocalist/guitarist Michael Poulsen to discuss the inside story regarding “A Warrior’s Call.” Poulsen shared that he was inspired by Danish boxing champion Mikkel Kessler. He revealed that he is fascinated by the punching machine, and that he has been a huge boxing fan for his entire life. No wonder the song has such a galloping, battle-ready energy to it!
Watch the video chat with Poulsen to learn everything you need to know about the band’s No. 1 radio hit. We promise, you’ll be captivated.
“A Warrior’s Call” topped the active rock charts in the U.S. reaching number one, and it’s a special song for a myriad of reasons that Poulsen explains in the video!

You can see the video here at Artist Direct

Source: Artist Direct

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