Gil Elvgren Vintage Pin Ups gallery 12

Gil Elvgren was America’s pre-eminent pin-up artist , had a simple (though, admittedly, a bit lecherous sounding) criteria for creating his beautiful calendar girls: each had to have a “fifteen-year-old face on a twenty-year-old body.”  During a career that spanned nearly forty years, Gil Elvgrennever lost sight of what appealed to the American male, and though his work can look a bit dated because of clothing and hairstyles, the women are nonetheless always attractive. Here was an artist who truly understood the proportions of beauty.

Gil Elvgren felt that his models were the key to the strength of his paintings, and he had an exquisite eye in choosing the correct women for his projects. Many of his models, like Myrna Hansen, Myrna Loy, Donna Reed, Arlene Dahl, Barbara Hale, and Kim Novak, went on to have successful film careers after posing for the artist. These actresses, just beginning their careers, would travel to the offices of the nation’s most successful calendar company, Brown & Bigelow, to be immortalized by the pin-up artists in their employ, and among those, Gil Elvgren knew best how to tap into the young women’s “freshness and spontaneity”.

Source: King Galleries

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