A Vintage Doll From Oklahoma

We did a post back in December called, “She Sure is a Doll, a Vintage Doll That is,” about a young and upcoming pin up model known as the “Vintage Doll.” A photo from that post is to your left.

We never expected it, but this doll of a rockabilly girl from Oklahoma became a fan of ours on Facebook and is the sweetest most genuine person you could meet. We are glad she is a fan and we are one of her biggest fans. Please enjoy these photos she just did for “Lash & Ink” Magazine.

You can check her out over on her Facebook page located here. Thanks for the photos Emily, your’r a real doll 😉

About Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro - Prague

We are a Bar and Bistro where old school meets the new school, dedicated to preserving the roots of rock and roll and it's modern adaptations as well as preserving the cultural identity of our neighborhood through our food, the the principles of the slow food movement. A little bit of rockabilly and retro combine with the kustom kulture of today, in an atmosphere devoid of Pretension.
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11 Responses to A Vintage Doll From Oklahoma

  1. The Doll says:

    Thank you so much you guys! I’ve had such a great time with your posts and going through your page. It’s been such a blessing to meet you. Thank you for your support and appreciation. This little doll loves ya! XOXO The Doll.

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  3. Great photos, Vintage Doll and the photographer did a really good job on these pin up photos!

  4. Purely.. Kay says:

    Very vintage and very cute.I love the polka dots tops as well and the makeup on the model. Amazing shots

    • Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro - Prague says:

      Thanks Kay. I have often thought that when we actually do open the restaurant that the uniforms would be an assortment of vintage polka dot dresses 🙂

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