Demented Are Go – Welcome Back To Insanity Hall

by Tom Girard, Featured Blogger, Tom Girard

Psychobilly veterans show they still have it 30 years on.

I have, for as long as I’ve been into rock, punk and metal music, had a bit of a thing for the more horror inspired elements.

From The Misfits and The Cramps to Alice Cooper, Murderdolls and psychobilly acts like Nekromantix, Tiger Army and The Horrorpops, something about it connects to me more than some other subgenres – so I’m surprised at myself for not having looked into Demented Are Go sooner.

With 30 years under their belt this band came out of the first wave of psycho bands, which grew from the rockabilly revival and punk movements of the late 1970s – and, by the sounds of Welcome Back To Insanity Hall (released through People Like You Records), they are still plowing the same furrow set out in the 1980s.

While for some bands this would be a problem Welcome Back To Insanity Hall sounds like a band who know exactly what they are doing and exactly how to do, rather like Motörhead or AC/DC could easily be described as having done the same the thing for years, it doesn’t matter when you do it well and these crazed chaps certainly do it well.

While I doubt an album like this is going to win over any new fans to the band, except for those like myself who already have a love of psychobilly, that doesn’t really matter as it’s a cracking listen if you like gore, hotrods and punk rock all backed up with the infectious rhythms of an upright bass being slapped within an inch of its life.

Welcome Back To Insanity Hall hits all the markers you’d expect, and the song titles sum it up.

The likes of Bodies In The Basement and Heads On Poles are full on horror infused punkabilly, Engine Trouble brings in the hotrods and greaser element and Retard Whore just sums up the anti-everything punk element brilliantly.

In the end though it is one of the bands own lyrics that I think sums up this fine slice of psychobilly better than anything: “Zombie, zombie, zombie. Zombie, zombie, living dead. Zombie, zombie, zombie. Kill ‘em all, cut off their heads!”

Source: Tom Girard 

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