Eve Arnold meets Marylin Monroe via ”I Wanna Be A Pin Up”

by Sad Man’s Tongue Rockabilly Bar & Bistro – Prague

We have featured a couple of galleries on Marilyn Monroe, the premise being, for us, photos we had never seen before. That is not to say that others had not, especially those who still idolize her.

For us it is not about idolizing, it’s a more of a journey of discovery of a classic icon that we just never looked that closely at. Like most of you I have seen a few of her movies, but when I was still young, too young to really care about girls.

I had always seen the classic posters you always see in the poster shops, so you kinda take for granted the same images you see every day. When I saw some other photos, more just being herself, I began to fall in love and realized there was a whole other person beyond the classic photo with the wind blowing her dress up, wich by the way the dress just sold for over five million dollars.

Thanks to people and bloggers like, IWantToBeAPinUp, whose passion gives us a little light into a classic Icon such as Marilyn Monroe, whom for us, we are discovering all over again. Then you have places like the ”James Dean Cafe” of Prague that also pays homage to not only James Dean, but also Marilyn Monroe, keeping these icons alive and relevant in our current time.

In her blog IWantToBeAPinUp goes on to say;

Eve Arnold, a pioneering photojournalist, is best known for her intimate portraits of Marilyn Monroe.

She first photographed Marilyn in the early 50s.

The most striking images come from the set of “The Misfits”, filmed over the summer of 1960.

It was a time of turmoil for Marilyn, which saw the unravelling of her marriage to Arthur Miller.

And here are the wonderful photos we found over at  IWantToBeAPinUp


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  1. Hi there, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!! Check it out: http://thegreatphotoadventure.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/the-sunshine-award/
    PS- i love me some marilyn

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  5. Alexa says:

    Read more about Marilyn and her pin-upness… on WUWO Magazine…http://www.whatsupwhatson.com/pin-ups-and-scandal-through-the-decades/

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