Social Distortion to Rock Yo Punk Asses in Portland & Seattle

by Holly Homan, Featured Writer, East Portland Blog

Social Distortion, part Sex Pistols, Part Ramones and a heavy slathering of Johnny Cash are coming to Portland (4/10 & 4/12 at Roseland Theater) and Seattle (4/13 at the Paramount) to whip yo punk asses!

Social D (as they are commonly called) hit the alt scene back in 1983 with Mommy’s Little Monster, then disappeared for a couple years, and came back with a vengeance with classics like Story of My Life and Ball and Chain. Although there’s been a revolving door of members coming and going, founding member Mike Ness (vocals and guitar) has been the mainstay. Without the raspy vocals and twangy guitar playing of Ness, there would be no Social D.

If you’re unfamiliar with them and you like punk and you like Johnny Cash, and you want to see what would happen if those two merged, then you’re in for a rare treat. Social D are unique in that they play down and dirty, gritty punk but with the Johnny Cash country flair. They even covered Johnny’s Ring of Fire, which I would bet they’ll perform at their live show.

No punk rock fan should ever get through life without seeing Social D at least once. So here’s your chance. This show is a don’t miss!

Source: East Portland Blog

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