All Hail the Queen of Rockabilly

by Alysia Gray Painter, Featured Writer, NBC Bay Area

The legendary Wanda Jackson will headline a Johnny Cash tribute.

ROCKABILLY CENTRAL: Calling the annual Tribute to Johnny Cash just a concert isn’t correct. If you’ve been to the Ventura-based summertime gathering, you know you’ll see chrome’d-out cars and spangly costumes and pin-up’d hairdos and all sorts of tees and jeans and boots that summon a certain old-timey style. But the tribute isn’t just a music thing, however; it is one of the premiere alt-country, retro-vibe-y confabs on this coast. But boy, the concert part has one big shining star in its crown for 2012, and that star is named Wanda Jackson. The legendary queen of the heartfelt, ‘billy-twang ballad — think “Tears Will Be the Chaser for your Wine” — will take the stage at the Saturday, June 16 event. Did Ms. Jackson tour with Elvis at one time? You bet. Has Ms. Jackson worked with many greats? Yes. Did she recently sing with Jack White? Of course.

MORE BANDS ON THE BILL: Summer is drawing nearer and the Cash tribute stage is filling up. Look for Big Tweed, Kyle Hunt and the King Gypsy, and Jeff Hersey and the Heartbeats to all appear (there are more acts to come, promises the web site). For now, let’s enjoy a little classic Jackson to cure our midweek doldrums. Good by you?

Source:  NBC Bay Area

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