ROCKABILLY: Reverend Horton Heat

By Frank De Blase

When I first heard The Reverend Horton Heat, it changed my life. Rock ‘n’ roll is best when it’s done wrong. This guitar wizard and his band out of Texas played full-bore slap ‘n’ twang rockabilly too fast, too loud, and too cool. It was wrong, it was perfect. The Reverend (nee Jim Heath) plays blindingly fast, mixing innovative jazz phrasing, blues, and punk into his accelerated rockabilly. This is one of the wildest, no-frills, no-gimmicks shows you will ever see. The Reverend is relentless, the Reverend is righteous. It would be wrong to miss it.

Source: Rochester City News Paper

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We are a Bar and Bistro where old school meets the new school, dedicated to preserving the roots of rock and roll and it's modern adaptations as well as preserving the cultural identity of our neighborhood through our food, the the principles of the slow food movement. A little bit of rockabilly and retro combine with the kustom kulture of today, in an atmosphere devoid of Pretension.
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  1. fab!!I’ve just starred them on spotify! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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