England’s Own Pin Up Girl Frankii Wilde

I came across Pin up model Frankii Wilde from Middlesbrough, United Kingdom. As her blog states;

“The Jayne Mansfield of Burlesque”- Neil Kendall

“A statuesque beauty, with Multi-Million Dollar movie star legs, and a “come hither” me stare that melts the belt buckles of lesser men”

From film Noir to technicolor she wouldn’t look out of place in either!

This british blonde pin up has the innocence and vulnerability of a modern day Marilyn with the allure and the seduction of the Femme Fatale Veronica Lake.

Throw in Jayne Mansfield’s curves  and you have a concoction of all the blonde pin Up bombshells in one!

Frankii started off as a model then transitioned into the world of burlesque and when she takes to the stage you would think you’re looking at a Vargas picture, come to life!

We could not agree more. Check out her blog at Frankii Wilde

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