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Excellent article from C’mon Everybody, which appears to be fairly new. Nice writing style. Hope she don’t mind the repost, and maybe she will write for us. What do you say Helen?

By Helen, Featured Blogger, C’mon Everybody

Buster Fayte posted this video on his blog a while back; I found it the other day and think it’s really cool.  It’s a brief video, apparently from early ‘80s MTV.  It describes the rockabilly revival, as well as rockabilly’s origins.  There are clips of the Rockats and the Blasters (including part of an interview with Dave Alvin), but it focuses on the Stray Cats.  Seeing the band interviewed is really a treat, and it gives a bit of an idea of what that period was like.  Afterwards, there are some clips of guest veejay Brian Setzer introducing music videos.

I’d say that this video really takes me back, but I didn’t even exist back then!

Now, some Stray Cats news:  After the Cats broke up in the mid ‘80s, Lee Rocker and Slim Jim Phantom joined guitarist Earl Slick to form the band Phantom Rocker & Slick.  Their first, self-titled album (originally released in 1985) is now available on CD.  (See Lee’s website.) PR&S will be re-forming this summer for an appearance at Summerfest in Milwaukee, on June 27th… A week ago, Brian Setzer finished his Rockabilly Riot Australian tour.  (See the Stray Cats Collector’s blog for a collection of photos, videos, and setlist.)  He turned fifty-three on Tuesday, April 10th.

I don’t know if “Stray Cat Saturday” will become a regular feature, but writing it sure did cheer me up today!

Source: C’mon Everybody

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5 Responses to Stray Cat Saturday From C’mon Everybody

  1. Helen says:

    Thank you! I’d love to do more writing, if you need anything! Again, thanks. It’s cool to something I wrote posted on this great site!

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  3. Cindy Meitle says:

    AMAZING to see Dave Alvin back in the day, I feel like I’m back at a Hollywood club again, this is awesome stuff!

    • Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro - Prague says:

      Thanks Cindy. You ever do any writing?

      • Cindy Meitle says:

        I write about 8 articles a quarter for various websites and publications and also for an event book now and then. Often, I ghost write for the publishers but occasionally my name is attached. I mostly write on topics such as car profiles, events, car collectors and more based on my position in the classic car community. I love to write.

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