Oh For The Love of Beatrice

Dante Alighieri,  Italian poet,  writer,  theorist, and philosopher, lived between 1265 -1321, had his Beatrice. The woman he adored and idolized in his prose and poetry. She was his inspiration for his book La Vita Nuova concerning courtly love, and of course Beatrice also makes an appearance in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

But we have are own Beatrice, and while not from Italy, she is still from a Romance language nation and we are in love. Just like Dante we feel a need to write some poetry on how she whoos are hearts. However, that is another story.

Our friends over at Rockabilly Romania have it really lucky getting to spend time with this timeless beauty. Of course their website is always filled with inspiring photos. Unfortunately for us we cannot read Romanian and google translate just does not pull it off, but at least we can look at the pictures 🙂

Ok so Here is our poem;

“For the love and life of me I am entranced

From Beatrice’s Beauty my heart has danced,

This timeless beauty from far off Romania,

At least we can see the photos so we can’t complania.”

– By Sad man’s Tongue

Ok, ok I know it is not Dante. But!!!! She is still Beatrice.

Photos were taken by Tomaso Mainardi, and the clothing was designed by Rockabilly.Ro and Cristinei Mocanu.

About Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro - Prague

We are a Bar and Bistro where old school meets the new school, dedicated to preserving the roots of rock and roll and it's modern adaptations as well as preserving the cultural identity of our neighborhood through our food, the the principles of the slow food movement. A little bit of rockabilly and retro combine with the kustom kulture of today, in an atmosphere devoid of Pretension.
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  2. tjcuzns says:

    I think Dante would approve;not necessarily for your rhyming skills but definitely for your choice of ladies.

  3. Cute pictures, and love the poem!

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