Vintage Makeup: Why the 50s Look is Back in Style

 by Adrian, Featured Writer, Hair + Culture

The 50s look, especially rockabilly, is back in style with a vengeance. This is because women from the 50s looked hip, beautiful, and extremely sexy. Wearing a 50s style can give you a Hollywood glamour that you never knew was in you. The true 50s look is not one thing and one thing only; there are many different elements of the 50s that you can make work for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the latest vintage trends to find the look that is right for you.

Rockabilly History

Rockabilly is a style of music that was born in the 1940s and 50s. It was a mixture of rock n’ roll and hillbilly music, hence the name rockabilly. In the 50s, it was a new type of music that many people did not approve of, but others absolutely loved. Individuals who embraced this type of music also embodied a certain style of dress and makeup. Men wore greased-back hair, bowling-style shirts, and tight jeans with rolled-up hems. Women wore red lipstick, swing party skirts that would flare during dancing, and intricate pinup and roll-up hairdos. Swing and boogie-woogie dancing was often done at rockabilly shows, and it became wilder over time.

Rockabilly Style

The rockabilly look has not changed a lot in modern times. Men and women still embrace this style of dress, makeup, dance, and music because it is sexy, wild, and a lot of fun. If you are dressing up in a rockabilly style, you should consider wearing a knee-length wiggle skirt or a full circle vintage skirt that is poofy and swirly. If you do not like this style, you can also choose to wear a tight pencil skirt that goes over the knees. This is often paired with a tight blouse that buttons up the front. The color should coordinate with the skirt, though white is always a good option. A cardigan sweater can be worn over the shirt in chilly weather or to complete the look. This might sound extremely 50s housewife and wholesome, but it is made flirty by the tightness of the different elements of clothing, cute high heels, and seamed tights. You can look fabulous, sexy, and totally ready to dance the night away. Polka dots, red, and black are popular rockabilly colors as well as classic Vince Ray and tartan prints.

Catlike Eyeliner

In order to complete the look, you need to pair your rockabilly clothing style with the right 50s makeup and hair. Your makeup should consist of red lipstick, black liquid eyeliner, and a flawless complexion. You might need to practice the liquid eyeliner a few times to make sure that you have a perfect line over your eyelid that is not messy. A small swoop at the end of the lash line makes your eyes look bigger and gives the appearance of thick, lush lashes. Black liquid eyeliner should always be paired with black mascara. If you want to go all out, you can apply false eyelashes to your eyelids for extremely lush eyelashes that will knock them dead.

The Importance of Red Lipstick

Women from the 50s, especially the sexiest and most flirtatious women, always wore red lipstick. This provides the perfect pout needed for a night of dancing, drinking, and debauched flirting with eligible bachelors. Red lipstick can look good on every complexion as long as you choose the right shade of red. Think about blueish-red for fair, pink complexions and orange-red for olive and darker skin. Dark reds can look great on any type of complexion as long as the confidence is there to pull off the look.

Rockabilly Hair

The last item that you need to focus on is the perfect rockabilly hairdo. Soft waves and curls were popular in the 50s, so it might be time to get out your hot curlers. If you have long hair, you can roll the front away from your face in a pin-curl and secure it with bobby pins. A ponytail is also very elegant for a fabulous 50s lady. If you have short hair, you can curl your hair, brush it out slightly, and angle the curls away from your face. This is an elegant look that will let you dominate the dance floor with boogies and jives in no time.

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