Drop-dead Sexy Dita Von Teese Makeup Tutorial

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Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Begin by using a foundation.that really matches your complexion. Although the Old Hollywood look is a bit pale, it’s best to apply foundation that matches your skin tone.
  2. Apply a vanilla colored eyeshadow on the whole eye area right down to your lashes with a flat brush to prime the eye. The vanilla pigment was chosen because it was 2 – 3 shades lighter than the skin of the model to brighten her eyes. So keep that in mind when choosing what color to use as a base.
  3. Next step is applying a neutral shadow, in this tutorial the pigment soft gray was used, Gregory advises soft beige or any neutral color will be just as fine. Apply on the top crease of the eye under the brow bones in back and forth motion.
  4. As for the eyebrows, emphasize them for a dramatic effect. This means to darken them. It doesn’t matter if you will use a blonde wig or if your hair color is blonde. Instead of an eyebrow liner, use a dark eyeshadow pigment and apply with an angled brush. In this case, the dark gray brown eyeshadow was used to emphasize the brows. Gregory says you can use black but make sure to arch the brows for that drama in mind.
  5. This time highlight the brows. With a flat brush, apply a lighter shadow under the brows such as Pearl in this tutorial.
  6. Since we’re going for the retro look, the cat eyeliner is one of the most important features that needs to be applied. Use a black gel liner to apply the thinnest layer on top of the lash line starting from your nose and going outwards, making sure to create at the end of the eye with the very snip of the brush to create the cat eye. This will take some time to master so practice!
  7. Now we’re going to define the eyes. Take the same shadow pigment that you used on the crease of the eye and apply with an angled brush on the lower lash line.
  8. Onwards to the lashes. While Gregory will be using false eyelashes later on this tutorial, he advises to use a mascara as the anchor point for the falsies on the upper lashes. Apply your mascara aiming to separate each lash to create a fanlike effect by wiggling the mascara wand a bit while applying.
  9. Get your false eyelashes and snip them a bit. Apply on the outer corner of the lashes for the elongated eye effect. But if you prefer to use the whole falsies do so.
  10. As for the color of your blush, think pink. The Old Hollywood look always uses a strong pink color so get one that suits your skin tone. Take your blush and make sure to apply color of the soft blush brush on both of it’s sides. Apply on the apples of your cheeks making sure to avoid brushing up and down or else find yourself looking from the 80s. Only apply on apples of your cheeks. Smile for easier application.
  11. Now we go on to the lips. Again the retro look has strong reds for the lips. So choose from bright reds, ruby reds, brick reds or any strong red that complements your skin. In this tutorial, Gregory used a cherry colored lip liner, making sure to round out the sharp lines of the lips. The pin-up girl look always had the perfectly rounded mouth so think about that when lining your lips. With a lip brush that has nothing on it, blend the lip liner right on to the mouth.
  12. As for the lipstick, choose a true vibrant red. In here fire-engine red was applied with a lip brush.
  13. Lastly, a black wig and the signature beauty mark on the left side of the face finishes the whole pin-up girl look.

Tools and Products

Note: As the makeup artist Gregory Arlt in this tutorial  is working with MAC, I felt it was only proper to list MAC products. Feel free to use other brands if you choose to do so.





  • MAC Flat Brush
  • MAC Angled Brush
  • MAC Blush Brush
  • MAC Lip Brush

Source: TotalBeautyTV

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