Sexy Vintage Pin-Ups Sell Mobile Phones In Russia

“Don’t forget that each hotel has WiFi zones for you!”

Found this over at “So Bad So Good.” Who would have thought, but then again, why not. Article Below:

by Alex Wain, Featured Writer, So Bad So Good

Now here’s something to raise a few eyebrows, MegaFon the 2nd biggest mobile phone company in Russia, have just released a series of ads promoting mobile phone usage to the general public.

We can only assume though, that the fine ladies of Russia don’t use mobile phones, because these ads certainly weren’t targeted to them.

Odd, sexist, misguided & with a certain element of wartime kitchiness about them, we’re truly surprised that these ads were printed and promote not in 1941, but in 2012!

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Source: So Bad So Good

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