Mala Mastroberte – Pin Up Girl Chamaeleon – Gallery 1

Mala Mastroberte, pin up model and photographer,from New York, says she is a DIY Chamaeleon. I think when you see her photos you will completely agree. At first I thought they were different models, but they are one in the same.

Mala goes on to say in her profile;

In my self-portraits I embark on the journey through the years of the changing image of a female. Most of my work is based on or inspired by illustrated vintage magazine and paperback covers, for I find them visually stunning and absolutely captivating. Each and every one tells a fascinating story, but they also serve as a general visual and aesthetic guide to the era, and hint at how women and sexuality were perceived and portrayed during different times in history.

I think I can safely say that she surely captures the spirit of the eras as portrayed in the pulp of the time. She was gracious enough to fan us on Facebook, and we are a fan of hers wherever she may be.

You can check out her webpage at Mala, and her Facebook page here.





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