Vintage Boudoir Workshop with Boudoir Louisville

Pretty cool event and workshop being offered by Boudoir Louisville Photography. As you can see from the photos below, they clearly are first class and know how to put on a workshop.

According to them they are “…specializing in classic boudoir and retro pinup girl photography in Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Ft. Knox, Nashville and beyond!” That sure seems to be the case and  now I have a reason to get back to the states. Check out their post about the workshop below, and double check those photos they made, meow!

Article Below:

That’s right kids, Boudoir Louisville is offering a snazzy vintage boudoir workshop.
We have secured, what we believe, to be the most AWESOME location for this type of workshop. Here in Louisville, Kentucky we have an abundance of preserved historical buildings in our downtown area. The Palace Theater has to be the GRANDEST of them all! I mean, look at this place!

Elegant and ornate, The Palace exhibits a Spanish Baroque motif with arcades, balconies and turrets. All of which are PERFECT for photo shoots! Cobalt blue, bursts of red and gold indirectly light all of the niches, coves and entrances. Above is a curved, vaulted ceiling with 139 sculptures of the faces of historical figures. The theater room inside The Palace is heavily ornamented and displays an imitation nighttime sky on the ceiling.
The theater is two stories with a floor and a balcony. Both floors contain bars that run the width of the building behind the theater, separated by a grand lobby of intricate art and architecture.
Its uncommon appearance has made it a popular venue for musicians to record live performances (including Alison Krauss). The theatre features an array of popular movies, old and new, as well as concerts by popular artists.

Now that I have your attention, I’ll give you some details.

If you have looked at any of my photos, and I’m sure you have if you want to come to my workshop, you’ll notice that I light everything. Even photos that look like they were shot with natural light were snapped using some sort of lighting. I am a firm believer in repeatability. Using some sort of lighting makes this happen! Lighting your photo shoots also allows you to shoot in fantastic locations like the one pictured above. Without proper lighting in this location you would have a ton of really dark and grainy images.

The workshop will start at 10am on August 27th, 2012 and will wrap up around 6pm.
Cost for the workshop is a flat fee of $550, a 50% retainer is required to reserve your spot.
Sorry folks, we will not be offering our workshop to anyone within a 150 mile radius of Louisville, Ky.
We will start off with an introduction of all attendees before diving right into equipment talk. We will discuss camera settings, lighting modifiers etc… After discussing the “nuts and bolts” of a boudoir shoot, we will chat about the psychology of shooting girls in their underwear. Believe me, this is a HUGE part of what we do. Next up, lunch. Sammies and other nosh will be ordered from one of Louisville’s great deli’s. Less time eating, more time shooting! After lunch, we will dive right in with shooting. I will show you exactly how I light my scenes and then make sure you are able to replicate it before turing you loose to snap a few images. Posing tips will also be discussed as well as using shadows and depth of field to hide certain things your clients may not like about their bodies. When we have shot as much boudoir as we can stand, we will have a Q&A type discussion about the days events. It’s a lot to take in all at once! Workshop will end around 6pm, then it’s time to talk about dinner plans. If anyone wants to grab dinner after the class for additional discussion, we are always game for that. Dinner always ends up being a discussion about marketing and the whole business aspect of what we do. We might even drop by the Boudoir Louisville studio for a quick tour if anyone wants to see it.
If you have ANY questions about the days events, please do not hesitate to call or email me. Louisville is very inexpensive to fly into. There are also a ton of hotels within walking distance to the workshop location. Pretty much all of the great things to see and do in Louisville are right in this general area. Give us a shout for travel and lodging suggestions.
Ready to book your spot? Drop by our online booking website and reserve your spot today!

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