Volbeat Singer Michael Poulsen Discusses Guitarist Change

by: Chad Childers, featured Writer, Loudwire

Volbeatare hitting new heights in their career, but with all the good stuff there is a transition that’s being made. The group parted ways with guitarist Thomas Bredahl earlier this year, and singer Michael Poulsen is discussing the move.

He tells Lithium magazine that the band parted ways with Bredahl at an inopportune time, as they were just getting ready to play the Gigantour trek earlier this year, but they’ve more than made do in his absence.

The singer, who also plays guitar for Volbeat, says, “Stuff happens. People just have to separate, you know? It’s just like a marriage. You can work on it and you can try to save it and you can really try to figure out what it is and everything, but sometimes it’s best that people just separate. It’s something like that with bands, too. Sometimes it really works and other times it doesn’t.”

Until the band is able to name a full time replacement, they’ve been using Mercyful Fate guitarist Hank Shermann as a fill-in. Poulsen says, “He’s been playing with us since Gigantour. We’d just gotten home and we had only been home for a few weeks. There was not time to find a new guitar player. We have only been hiring Hank as a stand-in guitar player because he’s busy with his own thing.”

Shermann came to the band through Michael Denner, the Mercyful Fate vocalist who made a guest appearance on their last album. Poulsen says, “Denner, he recommended Hank when I said we needed a player. I’m a very close friend to Michael Denner and he heard that I fired Thomas and said, ‘You should ask Hank to help you out if you’re in trouble here. He might be the guy to do that.’” The singer says it’s been a great match so far.

Volbeat will spend the summer months playing dates with Hellyeah and Iced Earth.

Source: Loudwire

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