JD McPherson releases second single

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JD McPherson has released his second single from his recent album ‘Signs and Signifiers‘, titled “Your Love (All that I’m Missing)”

Being the penultimate song of McPherson’s debut album (and a personal favourite of mine), the song kicks off with some deep sax, followed by JD’s vocals which glide in on top: a perfect start to yet another rock n’ roll line up. This single follows the first: ‘North Side Gal’ which grabbed attention from all over the place, and this second shot certainly doesn’t fail to deliver.

I’ll let you have a listen for yourself:

Having wowed Londoners in Camden’s Wheelbarrow earlier this year, Team FFS are excited to see what JD will be up to next, keep an eye out for more updates.

P.S: If you haven’t heard this guy yet, or you have no idea what I’m talking about, his debut album is available almost everywhere. See here for info. (It’s awesome).

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