The Summer Jamboree: The Hottest Rockin Holiday on Earth

Only nine days to go as the 13th annual Summer Jamboree kicks off in Seigallia, Italy. As some would claim it is, ”The Hottest Rockin’ Holiday on Earth.”

We have seen many photos of the event which kicks off on August 4th with nine days of rip roaring rockabilly fun on the Adriatic Riviera. We have also done many galleries here featuring photos from previous jamborees and we are certainly looking forward to the next series of photos.

Below are some links to previous galleries showing some of the fun and sun.

The Rockabilly Couples of Photographer Stefano Rivoir

Rockabilly Girls Style Gallery 35 – Photos By Max Baj Taken In Senigallia, Italy

The Rockabilly Photos of  Tania Fiorina  In Senigallia, Italy

The Rockabilly Cats of Senigallia, Italy – Photos by Max Baj

Rockabilly Girls Style Gallery 34 – Photos By Max Baj Taken In Senigallia, Italy

Rockabilly Couples Gallery 8 – Photos by Max At Summer Jamboree In Senigallia, Italy

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