Pin Up Model B. Sinclair, Recreating the Alphabet

I probably would have learned my ABCs a lot quicker back when I was a young thing, especially the letter B. Lets see, B is for Batten Down the Hatches. B is for Bodacious. B is for Baiting your line.

This Pin Up Model seems to be infatuated with the lettr “B.” After you see some these pictures you will agree that she can “B” whatever the hell she wants. This San Francisco Bay area pin up model may add a whole new twist to learning your ABCs. The problem, however, is you may just get stuck on the letter “B.”

Show her some love on her Facebook page located here at, B. Sinclair.


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6 Responses to Pin Up Model B. Sinclair, Recreating the Alphabet

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  2. Super cute nautical pinup photo shoot

  3. Cindy Meitle says:

    I’m sober, I got plenty of rest last night and my eyes are clear, yet I don’t see the “B” reference you are referring to. I’m feeling pretty dumb right now, can you help me out?

  4. james t. says:

    I met her at the XFEST in Stockton, CA last summer. She and I watched a burlesque street show and chatted about it afterwards. She was very polite and easy to talk with.

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