8th Annual Hot Rod Hayride 2012 Gallery 1

I had a friend go to this and say what a rocking good time it was but did not see any pictures. So I headed over to the Hot Rod Hayride’s site to take a look. Here are just a sampling of the loads of photos they have and here is an excerpt from their site below. Be sure to head over to Hotrodhayride.com to check out this years event, and more importantly get ready for next years event.

Get Your Kicks Pre ’66 The Hayride is not a ‘shiny cars win prizes’ type of event. We do like shiny things… pie wrappers glinting in the sun for instance… but if you spend a million pounds on your car, no one will care. What Hayriders care about (apart from beer & pies) is having fun with that traditional style, and old               skool attitude. It has often been called a cult event. At least I think they called out ‘cult’ as I walked past… We welcome ANY kind of car at the Hayride, but only the pre’66 stuff goes into the centre of the site. Let’s face it no one wants pictures with your mum’s Corsa in the background do they? (Depending on how good looking your mum is… you can send in pictures…)! – Hot Rod Hayride

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