Three Bad Jacks

While plenty of psychobilly acts would be comfortable denying the existence of any and all new music released after The Clash’s London Calling (and some even sooner than that), Three Bad Jacks makes room in its sound for a little hardcore brio.

On some of its slower numbers, it even acknowledges the modern-day notion that punks can be sensitive guys, too. These are graduates of the Mike Ness School For Heart-On-Sleeve Hoods, but they’re still just as interested in hot-rod honeys and depictions of good, evil, and the supernatural as laid out in the pages of EC Comics. The band is currently touring behind the 2011 album Pictures And Memories From Home.

Source: A. V. Club

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  2. Cindy Meitle says:

    These guys are nothing short of a class act. We’re live music fanatics, and have seen over 1000 live rockabilly shows and festivals over the last 10 years, Three Bad Jacks is in our top 10 favorites, always full of energy, always fresh, always rhythmic and the true test; the guys are stellar on or off stage…nice, down to earth and friendly people. It’s nice to see band members actually take the time before and after a show to get to know the people who have spent their hard-earned dollars to see them, and they really make you feel genuinely appreciated. I hope everyone who subscribes to Sad Man’s gets the chance to see Three Bad Jacks at least once.

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