Switzerlands Own Gina Carla

by Sad Man’s Tongue

It appears that there is more to switzerland than chocolate and Watches., both of which are in a league of their own. There is a new item on the scene and her name is Gina Carla. Arriving on the scene in 2011 this Swiss Pin Up Girl’s smile makes my Longines Clos Du Paris watch look dull, and trust me this watch was not cheap.

I have been to Switzerland several times and always enjoyed the cafes of Geneva where I could order a wonderful cup of espresso and some amazing chocolates. Had I known about Gina at the time, I think I would have preferred to order some Gina with some chocolate on top.

We hope that Gina will give us a little interview and maybe participate in our series, Cooking With A Pin Up, but until then you can check out her website at GinaCarla.com or her Facebook Page.

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3 Responses to Switzerlands Own Gina Carla

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  2. Emanuel says:

    Once I saw Gina Carla on a Rockabilly party in Zurich… she true looks amazing! Not just on some shiny perfect photos, but also in real life 😉
    Now I regret, that I didn’t spoke to her then… maybe I’ll meet her again =)

    If you read this, Gina… i praise the lord for creating you!!!

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