Oklahoma Never Had It So Good – The Vintage Doll Pin Up Girl

We have done three features of her here at Sad Man’s Tongue on our friend from Oklahoma. One in December called, “She Sure is a Doll, a Vintage Doll That is,” and the second one back in March called “A Vintage Doll From Oklahoma.” The third one, “Three Times a Charm With The Vintage Doll,” was done back in  August. Be sure to check them out.

From her own bio this is what she says about getting into all these shenanigans;

I was born in Cerritos California, I lived there until i was almost 16, then my parents moved me to Oklahoma, i was terrified. I thought it would be all cowboys and indians, boy was I wrong. After about a year I met my husband who introduced me to this lifestyle called Rockabilly, it took my breath away. I was homeschooled my whole life, so I hadnt really seen much, but this was so amazing. The cars, the music, the greasy hair, I loved it all! But the girls are what sold me, this thing they called pinup, I knew I had found my place. I had grown up with things like musicals and a retro way of thinking thanks to my grandma, and now this. Im now 23, married, am a mom, and have an amazing life. Im a pinup to my core and love it. Red lipstick is like my water, and bettie paige is my hero. I have a great suport system, my husband, and a little stud muffin who loves me if my bangs look good or not, my son. What more could a Doll want. This is so important to me and has helped make me such a strong confident woman, and all I want to do is share it with other women. This has a deeper meaning to me then looking cute in magazines and taking pictures. I want to show women you can be everything you want to be. With a little hard work and elbow grease you can make it happen. Now to get myself out there and become a famous Pinup is all thats left on the to do list. HANG ON TO YOUR VICTORY ROLLS….!!!!

The Vintage Doll, like so many of the wonderful Pin Ups and models we have worked with or featured, is a down to earth hottie of a doll, and we are sure you will see her again.

You can follow her on h er facebook page, “The Vintage Doll,” or check out her new project, “Vivid EyeCandy Photography.”


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