Rockabilly Girl Miss Candy Sue Of Portugal

by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by Joana Vasconcelos Borges

We recently featured this Rockabilly Girl from Portugal in one of our inked girl galleries, “Inked Girls Gallery 67: With Portuguese Pin Up Girl Miss Candy Sue.”  We also asked Miss Candy Sue why Rockabilly Style is a passion for her and she said;

– There are too many reasons for me why Rockabilly style is a passion, and some I can explain and others I can´t put  into words because it’s a feeling that seems like it’s been inside of me since the beginning of my life. First of all I love the music and what it makes me feel like when I listen to it and how it makes me want to dance a lot. I love fashion from that time, and the ambience from the festivals and partys of Today. I don’t know how it was at party’s in the 50’s, but what I feel when I go to a party now it’s almost like I am in that time. I like that rebel attitude, the cars and the motorcycles.

Miss Candy Sue was also a former member of a Burlesque Company called Cais Sodré Cabaret. It was while in this company that the Rockabilly Lifestyle started to become a reality as she was surrounded by like minded people.

So keep your eyes out for this Portuguese Beauty of a Rockabilly Girl. We are sure we will be seeing and hearing more from her in the future. Perhaps a wonderful Portuguese recipe for our Cooking With A Pin Up Series. Now that sounds yummy 🙂

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  2. I liked her response to why she is passionate about Rockabilly. I know exactly what she means when she says it can’t all be put into words, it is more feeling:)

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