There’s An Ember Sky In Seattle And It’s The Perfect Pin Up Sky

by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by After Midnight Photography

Seattle is not always cloudy as some people would have you believe. Especially when there is an Ember on the horizon to bring a spark of light to a cloudy day. Ember Sky, this feisty red head from Seattle, Washington can make you forget it’s raining, make you forget it’s cloudy, and probably would make you forget to look both ways when crossing the street should you catch a glimpse of her, so BE CAREFULL 🙂

Ember says,

“Every girl grows up loving to play dress up. It always takes you to another place and vision of what could be. I am just a girl who loves hair and make up and to feel pretty. I feel every girl is beautiful and deserves to feel that way always. We are each individuals and our image should show that.”

Actually I loved playing Doctor and there was not much dressing up, if you know what I mean, 😉 But that’s another story and another magazine.

So please say hello to our newest friend and fan, Ember Sky.

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