“Burlesque, The Ironic Seduction Of Love. Visions Of Marco Girolami”

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by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by Marco Girolami

Bianca Neve - Photo by Marco Girolami 16In  2011 The United Blogs of Benetton. Italy, wrote how Burlesque was exploding on the scene in Milan, Italy. From the events to the lingerie shops, and to the classes being taught, Burlesque had captured the minds of the people of Milan and elsewhere in Italy.

Internationally acclaimed photographer Marco Girolami was not only a witness to the rise and pitch of Burlesque in Italy, he was actually playing a part in its seductiveness. Marco took twenty-three photos in different locations between June and July of 2011 featuring some of the most respected Burlesque Dancers in Italy, and these photos would be part of a Museum exhibit in late September entitled, “Burlesque, The Ironic Seduction Of Love. Visions Of Marco Girolami.”  The exhibit was featured in the 18th century Mazzucchelli Museum  in Brescia.

Performers featured were Alice Moon, Betty Rose, BiancaNeve, Blanche Lenoir, Dixie Ramone, Goddess Clara, La Dyvina, Miss Cherry Noir, Miss La Mousse, Miss Sophie Champagne, Titì La Noire, Veruska Puff . The 23 photos by  Marco Girolami had each girl dressed in lingerie dating from the start of the twentieth century and into the sixties.

For this auspicious occasion a calendar was made for 2012 featuring the burlesque performers shot by Marco. Despite 2013 approaching you can Click here to download the calendar as the photography as well as the subject matter is exceptional.

Marco keeps busy working between Rome, Milan, London, Paris and New York where he specializes in fashion, advertising and portrait photography having  photographed such people as: Spike Lee, Rob Lowe, Brooke Shields, Ray Liotta, Pedro Almodovar, Roy Scheider.

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