Splishin & A Splashin With Pin Up Ruby Franco


by Sad Man’s Tongue

Seems like a bathtub splishin and splashin week here at Sad Man’s Tongue. But when the company is Pin Up Girl Ruby Franco, we can bend the rules and take more than just one bath in a week.

Ruby is a real doll of a person and we love to feature her here. We did an interview with her back in November called, Eleven Questions With Pin Up Girl Ruby Franco, and learned that this girl is more than just beautiful.

Ruby was also gracious enough to participate in our series, Cooking With A Pin Up, and gave us a delicious use for Zucchini, other than what my grandmother used to cook. I love my grandmother but you can see Ruby’s  Delicious Recipe here, Pin Up Girl Ruby Franco’s “Corn Cakes with a Roasted Zucchini Salsa.” : Cooking With A Pin Up Recipe # 7.

Now for some bath time and what better song to walk us through the photos than Bobby Darin’s “Splish Splash.”


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