Stories From A Black Eldorado: An Interview With The Bottle Cap Rockets Part 2


by Sad Man’s Tongue

So if you have not caught the first part of our interview with Al, Chris, and John of the Bottle Cap Rockets you can check it out here. As we continue with our second part of the interview we  fired some rapid fire questions for all of the guys to answer.

SMT: What is your favorite song that you produced?

Al: Black Eldorado

Chris: Black Eldorado. I re-worked the bass line to that song and made it my own. It’s a great song.

SMT: Do you have any other hobbies outside of music?

Al Gross

Al Gross

Al: Car Shows (I used to have a classic car) Art and collecting guitars.

Chris: Yes, I’m an artist. I enjoy creating, painting, drawing and sculpture. A close second hobby is fishing. I love fishing for fresh water bass.

John: Surfing, long boarding (skateboards), reading, sketching, mountain bikes, yoga and watching football..

SMT:  At what age did you discover your passion for music?

Al: I always liked music. I would tinker on my aunt’s piano at a very early age, played violin at seven at school (I was terrible at it and got beat up for it) Took up guitar at 15.

Chris: 7 or 8 yrs old. My oldest brother, 10 yrs older, had me listening to Alice Cooper, Killer Album as well as CCR, “Coming Around the Bend.”

John: Ever since I can remember I was into it. I think it was around 9 or 10 that I knew I really wanted to be a musician.

SMT: What are the stories behind your favorite tattoos?

Chris: I can be quite literal sometimes. My last name is Wolfer, so I have  a tattoo of a wolf on my shoulder. I’m proud of my name and wolves are “bad-ass”.

John: I have tattoos that represent my daughter, my heritage, religion, and one for my father. And my wife.

Al: No interesting stories to speak of.

SMT: Do you come from a family that is musically oriented?

Al: My Grandfather was a drummer. He would play at movie theaters in the silent era. My dad was a Jazz buff but didn’t play any instrument, my brother played drums when we were younger so I had a live in band mate until he quit one day.

2Chris Wolfer

Chris Wolfer

Chris: Yes, my mother’s mother was a vocalist, so I am told. She died young my mother’s mother. Music talent was also passed down to my brothers; one plays guitar and piano, the other just guitar, and my two younger brothers can both sing as well as my two sisters. I passed it down to my two daughters who both play multiple instruments and both are awesome vocalists

John: Not really. My dad played marching snare so I guess I got it from him but that was about it.

SMT: Who or what inspired you the most in this genre of music?

Al: Early Sun Records Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry Stray Cats, Early Beatles.

Chris: Roy Orbison, The Beatles, Johnny Cash.

John: Johnny Cash, Elvis,early surf music and some of the younger bands like Social D. and Rev. Horton Heat.

Drummers like D.J. Fontana, W.S. Holland, Bernie Dresel, Slim Jim and Daniel Glass.

SMT: If you could give a starting band one piece of advice, what would it be?

Al: Keep at it. If you are unhappy with your band mates or the direction you are in then change it. Never settle for anything that keeps you from moving forward.

Chris: Communication. Everyone in the band has to be open and honest with what they want.

John: Stick to your sound and watch promoters and club owners and get paid.

SMT: Are there any other instruments you play or would like to play?

Al: I play  a little bass, drums and some keys but I am just average at anything other than guitar.

John Powers

John Powers

John: Play all percussion and always wanted to play guitar but I don’t have the fingers for it.

Chris: I started out on guitar. I love rhythm. So while still playing guitar, I started drums. The bass guitar was just waiting in the wings. I’ve tried violin because I also love the strings and their passionate sounds. It’s a tough instrument though. But of all the strings, I would like to learn the cello.

SMT: What was your favorite venue that you played in?

Al: The Whiskey Bar in Hoboken New Jersey.

Chris: Mexicali Live– in Teaneck, NJ. Great place to play. Nice big, high stage. Great sound system and room layout. Great atmosphere too.

John: The Stone Pony and Maxwells.

SMT: What’s your favorite dish that your Mother cooked for you?
Al: Eggplant Parmesan

Chris: My mother can cook anything. She prepared food for at least 9 people everyday. 7 children, herself and my dad. My favorite would have to be her pork chops.

John: She makes great soup.

SMT: What is your favorite dish that you like to make for yourselves.

Al: Eggs over easy. I’m not much of a cook.

Chris: I don’t do much cooking, mostly breakfast because its easy. So, French toast.

John: Anything plant based. Probably broccoli rabe and wheat pasta.

SMT: Thanks so much guys for taking the time to do this. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. Hopefully someday we can see you perform live over here in Europe.

For the rest of you go to for 2 unreleased tracks and download them for FREE, courtesy of these cool cats. 

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