Inked Girls Gallery 84 – The Miss BiancaNeve Edition

Bianca Nevius by Daniele Tinti (4)

by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Daniele Tinti

If you type in Biancaneve into a Google search you will most likely have several links to Snow White, including one in particular. According to Wikipedia;

The series, published by Edifumetto, was based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, however soon lost most of its connections with the original story. The series chronicles the sexual adventures of the title character in a world of kings and queens and a variety of monsters. Biancaneve remains a virgin under attack during the first 4 issues of the series, however, after losing her virginity in volume 5, she becomes increasingly addicted to sex.

When we think of Snow White we think of our friend from Italy, Miss BiancaNeve Burlesque Starlet, who happens to have a Snow White Tattoo. I wonder which Snow White she represents, the Disney classic or the modern hottie. Only BiancaNeve knows.

Well we love BiancaNeve and have featured her here often, including an interview, An Interview With Bianca Nevius – Italian Pin Up and Burlesque Girl, which she was so gracious to give us. Enjoy these wonderful photos of BiancaNeves taken by Photographer Daniele Tinti.

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  3. I love those pictures ! Very classy.

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